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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Coca-Cola test interactive vending machine; Samsung, Apple factory employees exposed to carcinogens; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for May 5, including Coca-Cola's vending machines of the future, the expected rise in Wi-Fi chipsets, how Chinese factory workers for Samsung and Apple were exposed to a catergory 1 carcinogen, the top downloaded apps and one mobile ad startup that raised $8 million.

CTO says IT's brand is about as good as New Coke or OK Soda

If IT were a Coca-Cola brand, the company would just kill it like New Coke and start over.

Spotlight: Tableau preps for IPO

Tableau Software produces interactive data visualization products for big data analytics and is taking its business to the New York Stock Exchange, according to a recently filed IPO.

Spotlight: Coca-Cola turns to Proving Ground for employee travel app

Coca-Cola tasked Proving Ground to develop a mobile app that would enable the soft drink maker's employees to book hotels and flights, and manage travel information, according to an article by Mobile Enterprise.

Spotlight: Social media analytics attracts $3.5 million for Tracx

Trying to get companies past the gee-whiz phase of gathering social media comments, likes and other utterances, to a phase of decision making, has helped Tracx raise a second round of capital from Flybridge Capital, and early investors Revel Partners and Rutledge Partners, worth $3.5 million.

How hackers tricked Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola fell victim to a corporate data breach in 2009 after an executive opened an email with the subject line: "Save power is save money! (from CEO)" and then clicked on a link within, according to an investigation by Bloomberg News.  While the subject of the email seems ridiculous from this distance, it didn't to the executive because the company was seeking ways to save on energy at the time, reports Bloomberg's Jordan Robertson.

CIO at Coca-Cola put IT on par with business

Javier Polit, CIO of Coca-Cola's Bottling Investments Group, doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to business/IT alignment. Under his watch, IT leaders will be included in the decision-making

Diet Coke to launch mobile portal

The British division of beverage giant Coca-Cola announced it will launch the Diet Coke Silver Room, a mobile portal targeting female consumers. Developed in conjunction with mobile agency