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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: HiSoftware nabs Chris McNulty as CTO

Hisoftware gets a new CTO.

Compliance, video portals could shake SharePoint partners

Enterprises have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship between developer partners and Microsoft's SharePoint for some time--allowing the nearly ubiquitous software to jive with legacy systems and business-specific tools. But compliance and video updates unveiled at last week's SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas could unnerve some of the partners on which Microsoft relies.

Firms fail to implement PCI DSS, leading to credit card breaches, says Verizon

Organizations are consistently failing to implement the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which provides guidelines to secure credit and debit card information, according to the Verizon 2014 PCI Compliance Report.

Construction industry expands use of telematics in equipment

The construction industry is increasingly adding telematics systems to equipment, notes ABI Research.

CISOs often neglect supply chain security, warns HP

Enterprises need to pay more attention to the IT security of their suppliers, advises Jeffrey Lewis, global product positioning lead for HP Enterprise Security Services.

Building a more useful audit and compliance function

Blogger Norman Marks offers concrete guidance on how to build a more effective audit and compliance program.

Convercent launches cloud compliance solution

A new startup, Convercent is attempting to disrupt compliance software with a mobile, social and cloud solution.

Iron Mountain, partner build SharePoint records management solution

Iron Mountain, along with a partner, has developed a solution to mantain and track paper and digital records, regardless of location, using Microsoft SharePoint.

A callous disregard for compliance

When the economy melted down in 2008, it was clear that Wall Street played fast and loose with other people's money, but new documents recently released reveal a callous disregard for compliance and regulation.

Soonr Enterprise delivers secure mobile collaboration and sharing to business users

Soonr is now delivering a mobile collaboration application that works with most mobile platforms, allowing users to share work products regardless of the platform they're using.