Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Incisive's new Concourse API makes spreadsheets compliance-friendly

Software vendor Incisive released Concourse this week, a new management and collaboration API designed to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of working with spreadsheets.  

HPE launches analytics tool to tackle high-stakes financial compliance risk

To enable financial institutions to better meet regulatory and compliance requirements, Hewlett Packard Enterprise unveiled Tuesday HPE Investigative Analytics, a hosted software platform that uses machine learning and archiving software to identify and stop fraudulent and non-compliant behavior.

Compliance expert: Data scientists play important role in e-discovery

Kon Leong, CEO of compliance firm ZL Technologies, said data scientists get short shrifted in the workplace. They have great job descriptions and the pay grade to go with them, but are consistently hamstrung by workflows that require data experts to spend far more time managing data than actually analyzing it.

Tripwire releases new whitelist app targeted at regulated industries

Security firm Tripwire released on Wednesday its Whitelist Profile app that enables enterprises in regulated industries to create automated, customizable reports on required/permitted system settings for more than 600 policy and platform compliance requirements.

Smarsh and Hootsuite pair up on social media compliance and archiving

Cloud-based archiving solutions firm Smarsh announced Wednesday it has paired up with popular social media management platform Hootsuite. Together, they plan to make it easier for companies to track and archive content from social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

IT vs. legal: The battle over who controls company data

A recent IDC and Iron Mountain report revealed the battle lines between IT and legal's struggle to control company data. It's a battle we've all witnessed – and more than occasionally seen influence our projects – but this is the first report I've seen that has clarified the increasingly blurred lines in internal data ownership.

GRC tools: To integrate or not to integrate?

A new white paper from risk consulting firm Protiviti outlined several reasons why it's a good idea to bring an assortment of compliance functions together under one umbrella instead of letting them languish across teams and work processes.

Microsoft takes compliance to Outlook public folders

Microsoft is extending its compliance tools to so-called public folders in Outlook.

Smarsh Personal Archive helps workers manage their own email storage

Many e-discovery and compliance policies place the burden of their management on the IT department. Cloud-based archiving vendor Smarsh announced the release of a new product that helps workers manage their own email archives without leaning on IT more than they need to.

Roadblocks to widespread BYOD adoption

While many companies have embraced BYOD as a way to improve employee productivity and mobility, others- particularly outside of North America- have dragged their feet or even actively prohibited BYOD for their employees. A recent BetaNews article identified a number of obstacles to broader adoption of BYOD.