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Latest Headlines

It's a BYOD world – or is it?

For a time, BYOD was all the rage. There wasn't an enterprise conference that didn't devote significant time to the topic. Yet recently, there have been indications that the BYOD trend is waning in the U.S.

IT execs skeptical that IoT will benefit the bottom line in near term

Only one-third of IT industry execs believe that the Internet of Things will improve their bottom line over the next one to two years, according to a survey of 381 IT execs by IT industry trade association CompTIA.

US companies pulling back from BYOD, finds CompTIA survey

Not everyone, it would seem, is embracing BYOD. According to an online survey of 375 U.S. IT professionals by CompTIA, U.S. companies are pulling back from BYOD programs.

IT executives think IoT is over-hyped

Nearly half of 297 IT executives surveyed by the nonprofit IT association CompTIA believe that the Internet of Things is over-hyped.

Mobility push continues, but many companies still not reaping full benefits

Organizations continue to embrace mobility in the workplace, but a new study finds that many companies have yet to implement policies and processes that will enable them to fully tap mobility's potential.

CompTIA announces program to certify mobile IT pros

To address the growing need for qualified mobile IT professionals, IT trade association CompTIA announced a new CompTIA Mobility+ certification program to verify IT professionals have the skills they need to keep pace with mobile market advances.

New certification offered for cloud technology skills

A cloud can be a hard thing to pin down--which is why CompTIA issued a new certification for IT professionals that prove they have truly embraced it.

CompTIA research cites second phase, second wave of cloud computing

Cloud computing has entered a second phase and a second wave, in which early adopters now want greater benefits and efficiencies and more organizations are willing to enter the space for the first time.

Study: companies still falling short on big data goals

A recently conducted CompTIA study has indicated that many companies still fall far short of their big data goals.

Is the cloud clouding enterprise budgets?

The results of a new survey by IT industry association CompTIA indicates that the use of cloud-based services could be wreaking some havoc on how budget dollars are allocated and spent across larger...