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Latest Headlines

Infographic: Consumers are mad as hell and they know who to blame

Close to two-thirds of 1,000 consumers surveyed by credit card processor TSYS hold their merchants responsible for data breaches.

Who knew?! There are efforts out there to monetize and secure personal data!

There are several efforts underway that aim to allow consumers to charge for their data.

1 in 4 consumers has been card-fraud victim

One in four consumers worldwide has been the victim of card fraud, and more than one in 10 has experienced multiple fraud incidents in the last five years, according to a survey of 6,100 consumers in 20 countries.

Could customers charge for their information?

Consumers become the product when their information is taken--sometimes without their knowing it. When might the tables turn and consumers start charging for their information? 

Big data cuts both ways, used to judge consumers and companies

As I've said before, " Goodbye, Information Age. Hello, Knowledge Eon." Knowledge is power… and it packs quite a punch. Now is the time to prepare for that hit and make sure your company performance is up to par--from the consumer's perspective. Yep, stockholders move over! 

Call and text alerts, caller ID most sought after features for smartwatches

Call and text alerts along with caller ID are the most popular features that consumers want for their smartwatches, according to a survey by ABI Research.

Daily device devotion now exceeds 24 hours per day for some

Americans certainly have a love affair with tech devices, and that includes all things mobile. The obsession to be logged on now exceeds 24 hours per day for some.

Utilities use mobile apps to educate consumers about energy consumption

Utilities are increasingly using mobile apps to educate consumers about how to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.

Public debate about data privacy bodes ill for companies in 2014

Public debate born from the Snowden revelations and the NSA controversy bodes ill for the private sector. Some of the backlash has already hit in that corporations associated with feeding the NSA information, voluntarily or not, are now seeing sales fall as their customers shy away from such breaches--real or perceived. But that is not the end of the fallout. The debate is awakening consumers to what the private sector is up to, too. And they're hopping mad. 

Mobile apps bridge gap between digital, brick-and-mortar retail

Mobile apps will be the key bridge between digital commerce and bricks and mortar retail, says Marko Muellner, vice president of marketing for social marketing platform ShopIgniter.