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Latest Headlines

Lesson learned from AT&T's BYOD program

While AT&T is often on the provider side of bring-your-own-device, the U.S. carrier has also undertaken a massive BYOD program within its own ranks. Through that process, the company learned a number of valuable lessons for enterprises implementing their own BYOD, Sundhar Annamalai, executive director of AT&T Advanced Mobility, told an audience here at the CITE Conference.

Cybercriminals develop more targeted, stealthier malware

Cybercriminals are developing malware that is more targeted, stealthier and able to evade signature-based defenses, warns a new IDC report.

Good Technology releases new version of Dynamics with AppKinetics

Good Technology has significantly enhanced its previous mobile security system for email and other apps by now including Good Dynamics AppKinetics to its existing platform.