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Latest Headlines

BlackBerry agrees to acquire EMM competitor Good for $425M in cash

Despite financial troubles that are forcing it to cut jobs, BlackBerry has enough cash in hand to acquire Good Technology for $425 million.

Datawise.io simplifies networking for Linux containers

Datawise.io unveiled a new element of the networking and storage products it's developing for Linux-based containers. Project 6 is software that enables deploying and managing Docker containers across a cluster of hosts; and part of its feature set is a simplified networking system.

When using standard networking approaches with Docker, scalability is a problem

As Docker continues to build out its capabilities, it's beginning to solve the problem of network scalability, thanks to the acquisition earlier this year of SocketPlane. But third parties are still designing their own solutions. One of those is Midokura.

Microsoft partners with Good to offer first containerized version of its Dynamics CRM mobile app

Microsoft is teaming with enterprise mobility management firm Good Technology to provide the first containerized version of its Dynamics customer relationship management mobile app.

More enterprises are using selective wiping to protect corporate data, employee privacy

More enterprises are using selecting wiping of mobile devices as a way to protect corporate data while safeguarding employee privacy, according to a study by Fiberlink, IBM's mobile device management unit.

Is containerization the best approach to BYOD security?

Containerization, which separates corporate and personal data on a BYOD device, is one approach that enterprises are taking to provide security in a BYOD environment. But is it the best approach to BYOD security?

Security strategies needed to cover future IoT, BYOD culture

The next 5-10 years will see a major upheaval and mobile digitization of the standard workflow for all companies, big and small. That upheaval will bring increased security risks.

Lesson learned from AT&T's BYOD program

While AT&T is often on the provider side of bring-your-own-device, the U.S. carrier has also undertaken a massive BYOD program within its own ranks. Through that process, the company learned a number of valuable lessons for enterprises implementing their own BYOD, Sundhar Annamalai, executive director of AT&T Advanced Mobility, told an audience here at the CITE Conference.

Cybercriminals develop more targeted, stealthier malware

Cybercriminals are developing malware that is more targeted, stealthier and able to evade signature-based defenses, warns a new IDC report.

Good Technology releases new version of Dynamics with AppKinetics

Good Technology has significantly enhanced its previous mobile security system for email and other apps by now including Good Dynamics AppKinetics to its existing platform.