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Latest Headlines

BYOD TKOs COPE in the fight for enterprise mobility

Two of the most prominent enterprise mobility models battling for acceptance are BYOD and COPE, also known as corporate-owned, personal-enabled. Has one of them triumphed already?

Cisco, Sanofi take different paths to mobility

U.S. high-tech behemoth Cisco and French drug giant Sanofi took very different approaches to their mobility strategies, related two IT execs from those companies at the CITE Conference this week.

News Scan: Data analytics: Who needs IT?; Out with BYOD and in with COPE; more

The top news stories for March 31, 2014.

Apple keeps pace with Samsung in enterprise mobility initiatives

Not wanting to cede enterprise momentum to Samsung, Apple recently unveiled a number of new initiatives to expand enterprise use of iOS, including its device enrollment program.

Is BYOD dead?

I came across an interesting 2014 prediction by IDC--"BYOD as an enterprise mobility strategy is dead." Well, that certainly grabbed my attention.

UK firms choose 'CYOD' over 'BYOD'

U.K. firms are opting for 'choose your own device' twice as often as 'bring your own device', according to a survey of 224 firms conducted by Shape the Future on behalf of Azzurri Communications.

Spotlight: Can you COPE with BYOD?

Is the next wave of enterprise mobility the corporate owned, personally enabled, or COPE, device approach?

Disaster readiness

Disaster readiness It's been a very bad week for people in southern California, not to mention CIOs trying to cope with the fire disaster and struggling to keep businesses afloat. Qualcomm CIO Norm

Bracing for change

CIOs should prepare themselves for a major transformation of IT's role in business, as business information, processes and relationships fuse with IT. That trend, highlighted by Gartner analysts

It's not easy being green

After years of earth-friendly talk, Corporate America is finally jumping on the bandwagon, trying to buy and use technology in a more environmentally friendly manner. But it's not just out of the