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Latest Headlines

Windows 10 and enterprise mobility

It hasn't even been released yet, but Windows 10 is already being hailed by some as the BYOD Windows.

Infographic: Lack of employee BYOD common sense puts companies at risk

Here are some things lacking common sense that employees do with their devices and data that increase risks at their companies.

More enterprises are using selective wiping to protect corporate data, employee privacy

More enterprises are using selecting wiping of mobile devices as a way to protect corporate data while safeguarding employee privacy, according to a study by Fiberlink, IBM's mobile device management unit.

FierceMobileIT webinar explores how to secure your mobile workforce

Mobility can open up the firm to security threats, such as lost or stolen devices with corporate data on-board or malware infection from an insecure app. To help enterprises cope with the security challenge posed by BYOD and mobility, FierceMobileIT is bringing together a panel of experts for a July 24 webinar at 1 pm ET covering the topic.

Mobile security is not my problem, say workers

I saw a disturbing survey today that was carried out by Vision Critical on behalf of security firm Absolute Software. The survey finds that one-quarter of enterprise workers do not think that data security is their responsibility and that they should face no punishment if they lose sensitive corporate data.

Most employees don't view taking corporate data as stealing

A continued threat to company data comes from within--from employees who feel like they live in a "finder's keepers" environment.

BYOD enterprise security focus moving from devices to apps

The increasing frequency of data breaches resulting from companies allowing employees to bring their own devices to work are a result of poor BYOD policies and lack of technology to implement those policies, according a panel at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show being held in Las Vegas this week. Now, some groups are suggesting that enterprises focus more on applications and less on devices, in order to prevent future data breaches.

Japan's NTT unveils BYOD offering with remote wipe capability

Enthusiasm for mobile devices among the Japanese is fueling the BYOD trend, and NTT wants to capitalize on that growth with its latest offering.

The death of traditional security

A wireless network really is different from the traditional cabled network. It's so different that analysts from Forrester are saying that traditional

The value of data destruction

According to analyst firm IDC, as much as 60 percent of corporate data resides unprotected on desktop and laptop computers. The most effective method of securing this information is full data