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Latest Headlines

These simple security threats may be lurking in your office right now

When one thinks of enterprise security threats, terms like hackers, malware and large-scale data breaches all come to mind. But other, less obvious threats could be lurking in your organization too, writes Larry Ponemon in a recent post.

Employees fail to take basic steps to secure BYOD devices, data

Employees that bring their own devices to work are not taking basic steps to secure their devices and data, concludes a survey of more than 1,000 users by security firm Bitdefender.

What you gonna do when they say good-bye?

When BYOD employees leave your company, they may be taking more than their personal devices with them. How do you make sure that corporate data and networks are protected?

Spotlight: Most commuting workers put data at risk through public Wi-Fi

Most employees with mobile devices who commute on public transportation use public Wi-Fi connections to access the corporate network, according to a survey of 1,000 U.S. office workers conducted by Opinion Matters for GFI Software.

BYOD could be letting spyphones into your corporate network

LAS VEGAS--Building an Android spyphone that can eavesdrop on conversations and steal data is a "fairly easy" process, Kevin McNamee, director of Alcatel-Lucent's Kindsight Security Labs, told a press conference here at the BlackHat conference.

Cisco's Unified Access latest offering for stressed out IT departments

Corporate networks are being overloaded by the explosion of personal mobile devices in the workplace, which is placing enormous pressure on IT departments.

Guilty verdict against network admin sparks debate

The guilty verdict against former San Francisco network administrator Terry Childs has sparked some heated discussion in the blogosphere over IT management and security practices. Many see the case,

The death of traditional security

A wireless network really is different from the traditional cabled network. It's so different that analysts from Forrester are saying that traditional

iPhone excitement is for real

When employees come in asking for an iPhone, or want to add their Apple phone to the corporate network, your first instinct might be to

Will the iPhone be IT's Achilles Heel?

Apple's iPhone wasn't intended to be an enterprise device, but there is no doubt that employees will start bringing WiFi-enabled smartphones into the corporate setting, using them for work-related