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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Cisco announces acquisition of collaboration and conferencing company Acano

Networking giant Cisco announced Friday that it plans to acquire collaboration and networking coompany Acano for $700 million.

Government CIOs struggle to control IT complexity

The vast majority of federal agencies are struggling with network complexity, with 94 percent saying they have experienced downtime that has impacted their agency's mission.

Young moms rule the mobile scene

Two recent studies have shown that young mothers spend more time on mobile devices than any other segment of the population.

News Scan: BI in 2014; BYOD and SDN still reign; more

Top news stories for Jan. 6, 2014.

News Scan: Internet of Things hype limits; Geek job seeking gold; more

Top news articles for Dec. 18, 2013

Security concerns continue to haunt networking professionals

Concerns over security continue to haunt networking professionals, to the point that it that it is the top thing that keeps them up at night.

AT&T to purchase T-Mobile USA for $39 billion

AT&T (NYSE: T) announced it will buy T-Mobile USA from parent company Deutsche Telekom for $39 billion in cash and stock that will see AT&T Mobility significantly broaden its network

Transitioning to IPv6 in eight steps

If you work for a university, government agency, retailer or any other company with a content-heavy website, then your organization is probably considering when and how to make the site and

Dealing with the boss from hell

We've all had great bosses in the workplace, and most of us have faced terrible ones, as well. It's often a complicated issue in the IT world, where managers are skilled computer experts but

Six hottest IT skills for 2010

We've been asking for more than a year about what IT jobs will be hot when the recession ends. Now that time is just about here, and we have a general idea of what will be hot. There is new demand