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Latest Headlines

Young moms rule the mobile scene

Two recent studies have shown that young mothers spend more time on mobile devices than any other segment of the population.

News Scan: BI in 2014; BYOD and SDN still reign; more

Top news stories for Jan. 6, 2014.

News Scan: Internet of Things hype limits; Geek job seeking gold; more

Top news articles for Dec. 18, 2013

Release of iOS 7 sucked up almost 20 percent of an ISP's traffic

Internet traffic related to Apple's Software Updates does indeed have a noticeable effect on the networks of Internet Service Providers, according to the latest Global Internet Phenomena Report by Sandvine. The company makes equipment that helps broadband providers manage network congestion, and the bi-annual report is based on real-life network data.

Security concerns continue to haunt networking professionals

Concerns over security continue to haunt networking professionals, to the point that it that it is the top thing that keeps them up at night.

LastPass precautionary password change sows confusion

Password management software company LastPass is asking its customers to change their master passwords due to a possible security breach detected by the company. The LastPass service helps users to

AT&T to purchase T-Mobile USA for $39 billion

AT&T (NYSE: T) announced it will buy T-Mobile USA from parent company Deutsche Telekom for $39 billion in cash and stock that will see AT&T Mobility significantly broaden its network

Aruba Networks unveils MOVE architecture; launches wired and wireless products

Enterprise network provider Aruba Networks has unveiled a new architecture called MOVE (Mobile Virtual Enterprise) for context-aware networking that the company says will help unify wired and

Ethernet Alliance focusing on 40, 100Gb Ethernet

Members of the Ethernet Alliance will be meeting this week in Singapore to discuss activities to support next generation Ethernet. The Ethernet Alliance is a non-profit industry organization

Transitioning to IPv6 in eight steps

If you work for a university, government agency, retailer or any other company with a content-heavy website, then your organization is probably considering when and how to make the site and