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Latest Headlines

Hackers use malware, Trojan to crack open networks and install backdoors

Hackers are using a one-two malware punch to penetrate corporate networks and install backdoors on corporate systems, warned Symantec researcher Gavin O. Gorman in a blog post.

'Skeleton Key' unlocks corporate networks to hackers

The "Skeleton Key" malware enables attackers to bypass authentication on Microsoft's Active Directory, which is widely used by enterprises to control access to their corporate network, according to Dell SecureWorks. Hackers can then use a password they select to authenticate as any user on the network.

Spotlight: Ramsomware-virus hybrid threatens corporate networks

A new hybrid of ransomware and virus called W32/VirRNsm-A is threatening corporate networks, according to SophosLabs researchers

VoLTE deployment to spur investments by firms, mobile operators

As mobile users transition to 4G LTE handsets, they will increasingly bring those devices into enterprises through BYOD. This is expected to fuel increased spending on technologies to integrate LTE handsets and services, such as voice-over-LTE, into the corporate network.

The Android Strain

As in Michael Crichton's best-selling novel the Andromeda Strain, an epidemic is raging on planet Earth. This time, it's not a microorganism attacking the blood stream that is the problem, but malicious software attacking corporate networks.

Is malware lurking in your employee's smartphone?

IT professionals are increasingly concerned about the security risks posed by personal mobile devices in the workplace, particularly the introduction of malware into the corporate network.

Visa spends spare network capacity on innovation

The greatest number of transactions the network has had to accommodate at once is 12,000, however, leaving plenty of extra capacity for innovation work.

Gamers leave radiology center's data exposed

A radiology center in New Hampshire suffered a data breach in November, exposing the social security numbers and other personal data of 230,000 people. The culprits, according to Seacoast Radiology,

Six likely security holes in your organization

Security risks abound even in organizations that take important steps to mitigate them. Sometimes they appear right under one's nose, and other times they can be quite obscure. ComputerWorld's John

Are reports of the IT shop's demise exaggerated?

Last week we pointed out a report from the Corporate Executive Board that predicts the state of corporate IT in the year 2015. The report (.pdf) looks at today's IT function in light of developments