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Latest Headlines

Companies that go to the extreme with mobility

FierceMobileIT is kicking off its first in an annual series of Fierce15 awards for companies that excel at mobility. This year, we are focusing on companies that have gone to the extreme in implementing mobility programs.

First annual FierceMobileIT Fierce15 to recognize top mobility efforts

FierceMobileIT's first annual Fierce15 awards will recognize 15 companies for outstanding extreme mobility projects and initiatives.

Infographic: Are employers more lenient with employee-owned devices?

Despite growing security concern about BYOD, employers have more lenient mboile security policies for employee-owned devices than for corporate-owned devices, according to a study of two million mobile devices by mobile device management firm Fiberlink.

Privacy minefields lurk even in corporate-owned devices

Even an enterprise that only allows corporate-owned devices is not exempt from legal risk, as a recent court case in the Northern District of Ohio demonstrates.