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Latest Headlines

BYOD is not about saving the company money; it's about employee productivity

Mandating BYOD even for employees that need powerful computers makes no sense from any perspective. But allowing BYOD benefits the employees and company.

BYOD benefits: Industry experts weigh in

While BYOD conjures up security nightmares for IT departments, it can have significant benefits for enterprises, such as increased employee satisfaction and productivity, as well as reduced training and hardware costs.

Infographic: BYOD drivers and barriers

There are numerous drivers and barriers for enterprises investing in BYOD. The drivers concern productivity gains and costs savings, while the barriers focus on support and security.

Cisco: BYOD improves employee productivity, lowers enterprise costs

BYOD employees are gaining an average of 37 minutes of productive time per week, and BYOD implementation generates $350 of value each year per mobile employee, according to a recent report by Cisco.

SIP trunking migration: Enterprise opportunities and challenges

Could SIP trunking mean the end of the public switched telephone network? Maybe. But one thing is for sure: More and more companies are migrating to SIP trunking services to get the costs benefits right now.

Travelers get hip to VoIP

The New York Times travel section gets hip to VoIP savings. The columnist offers up a number of strategies for saving on phone usage overseas, one being the age old trick of using Skype--which can