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Latest Headlines

Wireless-only enterprise driving need for 802.11ac

Arguably, with faster transmission speeds and more reliability, the only network an enterprise needs is a wireless one. That is one of the factors driving the adoption of the 802.11ac Wi-Fi protocol.

BYOD TKOs COPE in the fight for enterprise mobility

Two of the most prominent enterprise mobility models battling for acceptance are BYOD and COPE, also known as corporate-owned, personal-enabled. Has one of them triumphed already?

4 approaches to handling BYOD expense reimbursement

Companies are looking to vendors to help them sort out BYOD expenses attributable to work and personal use. Craig Mathias, a principal at consulting firm Farpoint Group, lays out four BYOD reimbursement approaches for enterprises to choose from.

Reining in BYOD expenses

BYOD is here to stay, and enterprises need to figure out a way to manage the costs associated with a BYOD program. Here are some tips to keep BYOD expenses from getting out of control.

BYOD: Just because you can doesn't mean you should

Should any given enterprise allow any and/or all mobile OSs on its network as part of a BYOD implementation? Does BYOD mean bring any device?