Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Apttus adds AI capability, partners with Microsoft

The customer relationship management vendor marketplace just got a little more interesting. On Monday, quote-to-cash software company Apttus announced that it had released a machine learning offering, which would now be available to Microsoft customers.

Deeper Icertis and Microsoft partnership puts pressure on other CRM vendors

Cloud-based contract management platform Icertis is strengthening its integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Dynamics AX.

CRM solutions are being retooled to serve HR, not just sales

The process of finding and hiring a new employee can be exhausting, time consuming and particularly inefficient. Some folks think customer relationship management systems and marketing automation help hiring managers to cull the candidate pool, time their engagement properly and reach out to candidates in a way that generates positive results. 

Spotlight: SalesforceIQ gets Microsoft Outlook integration

Salesforce announced today the integration of SalesforceIQ with Microsoft's Outlook.

Adobe announces Experience Manager Mobile at MWC 2016

Adobe unveiled Monday at Mobile World Congress its Experience Manager Mobile platform that is designed to help developers create enterprise applications that are as easy to use and attractive as consumer apps.

As CRM vendors look to mobility, Qstream offers mobile performance assessment tool

More and more, sales representatives are using mobile technology to interact with customers and colleagues and customer relationship management vendors are taking note. Sales teams and managers can also use mobile technology to get feedback using tools like Qstream, which provides automated and live tools to assess and provide feedback on performance.

Enterprise users want offline access to mobile CRM apps

I came across an interesting blog post by Robert Desisto, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. He related that Gartner clients have been increasingly asking about offline support for mobile customer relationship management apps.

Dynamics CRM rolls out to general availability, following top executive departure

On the heels of losing its top CRM executive to market leader Salesforce, Microsoft is rolling out Dynamics CRM 2016 to general availability. Businesses can buy either the online or on-premises version of the product starting today.

Salesforce rides high after Q3 financial report delights Wall Street

After its phenomenal third quarter earnings report this week, Salesforce is about to close the trading week with its stock up 34 percent so far this year – an otherwise disappointing one for Wall Street, with the S&P 500 Index up under 2 percent.

Salesforce combines sales and customer service info in SMB push

Salesforce aims to build out the capabilities of its small- to medium-sized business services with the integration of its small business sales intelligence offering and customer service app.