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Latest Headlines

Mobility is transforming the work landscape for temporary and part-time contractors

Mobile computing is poised to alter how temporary and part-time workers get the job done, opined David Hale, CEO of Gigwalk.

Mobile can be a business driver, say panelists

Enterprise mobility has long played an important role for organizations' execution of business processes--from the salesforce delivering presentations on their iPads to warehouse staff using mobile devices to take inventory. But mobile also has the potential to drive the business decisions behind those services, said panelists speaking at the NIST Intersection of Cloud and Mobility Conference.

To innovate, ignore the business and think small

Always adept at pointing out the emperor's lack of clothing,  InformationWeek's  Chris Murphy does not disappoint in his skewering of the conventional ideas touted for promoting innovation. Take the contrarian position, he urges, and don't partner with business units, don't think big and don't treat innovation as if it were an election.

Why crowdsourcing firms see gold in mobile app development

Crowdsourcing has been picking up steam in the mobile app space ever since last year, when Nokia introduced its IdeasProject portal at the annual South by Southwest conference. 

How the Victorians solved data challenges

Data management seems like a very modern problem, but the difficulty inherent in maximizing the value of information is not new. Some of today's data challenges have counterparts in the Victorian

NYC plans to save $100 million with data center consolidation

New York City plans to save $100 million by merging 50 data centers serving 40 agencies into one facility located in Brooklyn. The hardware, software, gear and general construction for the warehouse

Enterprise tech trends for 2011

Some enterprise technology trends, like cloud computing and business intelligence, are sure to feature prominently next year, but others are harder to anticipate with any clarity. Jonathan