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Latest Headlines

FCC set to clarify rules for Wi-Fi networks

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, will soon decide if it will lay down rules regarding the ability of hotels to block personal Wi-Fi hotspots inside their facilities.

FCC looks to clear 'land' for 5G mobile service

The next-generation 5G mobile service will need spectrum, the equivalent of "land" for high-speed highways, if cellular operators are going to "pave" the airways for high-speed mobile traffic. The Federal Communications Commission in considering offering the spectrum bands above 24GHz for high-speed 5G cellular service.

Fair is fair, regardless of technology

I find CTIA's argument that wireless faces unique challenges that preclude equal treatment under the net neutrality rules unconvincing. As I've argued in this column before, it is reasonable to treat wireless and wireless carriers the same when it comes to net neutrality rules. Fair treatment is fair treatment, regardless of technology.--Fred

Time to rethink 'universal service' in a mobile world

Since the 1996 act, the mobile world has exploded and phone services is available coast to coast. I agree with CTIA that the whole idea of universal service needs to be rethought in the second decade of the 21st century.

Businesses need mobile broadband ASAP

More mobile broadband is badly needed for U.S. companies as well as consumers. I hope that the interest of the NAB, the FCC and the CTIA sides to settle their dispute quickly leads to timely resolution so the auction can take place on schedule.

Should net neutrality rules apply equally to wireless, wireline carriers?

While it seems reasonable to treat wireline and wireless networks carriers the same when it comes to net neutrality rules for the Internet, there might be less to the controversy than meets the eye. Mobile users are much more likely to use their devices to download apps than to the surf the web. So mobile users might have settled the issue regardless of what the FCC ultimately decides.

Wireless carriers willing to unlock mobile phones for a price--literally

Five U.S. wireless carriers told the FCC they're willing bow to the pressure of customers who want their phones unlocked--but they have a few demands of their own. Chief among them, customers better be ready to pony up some cash.

Mobile app code of conduct released, but industry remains largely silent

After more than a year of negotiations, a coalition of mobile app developers and consumer advocacy groups, working under the auspices of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, released guidelines on what app developers should disclose about the data they collect on mobile users. The effort is the latest in a long series of attempts to explain to mobile users exactly what information smartphone applications are collecting about them.

CTIA survey: Large disconnect between employees, IT over BYOD

A majority of employees surveyed by Harris Interactive on behalf of the CTIA wireless trade association said that they use personal mobile devices to access work data whether their companies permits it or not.

Do you know what devices your end users are using?

It's 3 p.m. Do you know what devices your employees are using?