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Latest Headlines

CTIA: IRS should stop auditing personal use of company-issued cell phones

The Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA) is pushing for the repeal of a 20-year-old law that requires workers who use company-supplied mobile phones for personal calls to

CTIA launches common short code monitoring

U.S. wireless industry association CTIA announced the launch of a common short code media monitoring process to validate that promotional materials used to market short codes comply with the

The problem with jamming mobile phones

Signal jamming is not the solution when people use mobile phones where they are prohibited. This is the univocal position of the mobile industry. The CTIA recently got the FCC to reverse its decision

Multitasking capabilities could make Palm Pre shine

With the Palm Pre expected to arrive within the next few weeks and join the mobile operating systems war, speculation is mounting as to just how well this completely new platform will perform. This

Al Gore: Wireless a bright spot in global economy

Crediting the emergence of the web and mobile platforms as the catalyst behind a new communications revolution, former U.S. vice president and environmental activist Al Gore celebrated the nation's

dotMobi: Mobile websites grew sevenfold in last year

The number of mobile websites increased sevenfold over the past year according to mobile web domain registry dotMobi. There are now roughly 1.1 million mobile site addresses worldwide based on a scan

Verizon debuts Mobile Web Games and Apps Store

Verizon Wireless announced the launch of the Mobile Web Games and Apps Store, promising subscribers more efficient access to games and apps. According to Verizon, the free, click-through service

Microsoft's Bach touts convergence, personalization

While touting Microsoft's vision of a converged future connecting PCs, televisions and mobile devices, the software giant's Entertainment and Devices Division president Robbie Bach also focused his

AT&T Apps Beta program launches

AT&T announced the launch of AT&T Apps Beta, a new initiative enabling mobile developers to trial their applications with the operator's subscribers prior to retail availability. AT&T

Zed inks mobile media deal with Universal Pictures

Mobile content provider Zed announced a new exclusive partnership with Universal Pictures Digital Platforms Group to develop voicetones, ringbacks and wallpapers based on memorable moments and quotes