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Latest Headlines

Data wars: Retailers vs Apple Pay, Google Wallet and credit card issuers

Just one week after Apple Pay--a NFC pay system for Apple devices--went into full swing, CVS, Rite Aid and Walmart batted it out of play. But it's not only Apple Pay that's getting slammed; Google Wallet and other contactless pay systems are hit too. What's the fuss about? Data. 

Marketers need to analyze customer data quickly to survive, says Forrester

Marketers need to speed up the rate of data analysis and action based on that data in order to satisfy customers in an increasingly mobile society, according to Tony Costa, a senior analyst at Forrester Research.

Brands and ad agencies jockeying over data ownership

Is a showdown imminent over who owns the consumer data generated by mobile? Very possibly, according to a recent report.

Dublin startup helps airlines leverage data

Despite the airline industry's leadership on online reservations, it's probably the least sophisticated e-commerce vertical today.

SEC guidelines to prompt more breach disclosures

Under new guidelines issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission Thursday, public companies are supposed to report cyber attacks that could potentially lead to unexpected losses. Companies will

Financial firms seek outside security pros

Financial services companies are looking for help in protecting themselves from hackers and data thieves, and to get the best protection, they are tapping external security providers. An article from

Data breaches on the rise

The Identity Theft Resource Center of San Diego has found that data breaches are on the rise. So far this year, 449 U.S. businesses, government agencies and universities have reported a loss or theft

Customer data should drive IT decisions

Michelle McKenna, the CIO at Universal Orlando Resorts, has some advice for her members of her profession--think like your customers and use your data to focus on your company's markets. "In today's

Data theft puts IT on hot seat

The tech industry has been analyzing and evaluating the recent theft of 4.2 million credit and debit card numbers from the Hannaford supermarket chain, a Maine-based grocer. And what they are finding

Data loss costs a bundle

It doesn't matter whether you are the CIO of a big company or a small one. Losing customer data will always cost you plenty. The Ponemon Institute, an independent information practices research