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Latest Headlines

Back-to-school shoppers have little faith in brick-and-mortar retailers

1010data ran the analysis on back-to-school shopper attitudes towards retailers and the results are not good for the school supply peddlers. "If a retailer is out of stock of an item just twice, 40% of parents say they will avoid shopping at that retailer again," says the report. 

IDC: 5 critical actions retailers should take in going mobile

More and more retailers are looking to mobile solutions to increase customer satisfaction, build customer loyalty and improve business performance. There are five critical actions that can "make or break" their mobile solutions, says market research firm IDC

Shoppers ok with online tracking, not so much with in-store tracking

For years now, retailers have tracked shoppers online and shoppers were pretty ok with that. Somehow shoppers "get" that the retailers are trying to learn from their visits to the website and improve their customer service (and their own bottom line) in the process.