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Latest Headlines

$2M raised by Immediately to develop mobile app alternative to CRM

Immediately, a startup developing a mobile app alternative to customer relationship management for salespeople, has raised $2 million in funding, reported TechCrunch.

Enterprises look to MADP vendors to help with mobile app projects

In response to an explosion of enterprise mobility, firms are looking to mobile application development platform vendors to help them build out their portfolio of both internal- and external-facing mobile apps.

Speech analytics aim to improve sales, real-time fraud detection

Speech analytics is picking up momentum in several lines of business and industries these days. One example is within CRM products to increase sales. Another example is in monitoring banker phone conversations to guard against fraud in derivative and swap trading rooms. 

Infographic: Mobile investments in airports to take off

Frequent business travelers take heart--most airports are planning investments in mobile and self-service technology. A full 84 percent of airports surveyed by airport IT services provider SITA plan to invest in mobile applications for passenger services over the next three years.

Midmarket firms are embracing MDM, BYOD

Two-thirds of midmarket organizations have deployed a mobile device management solution and more than half support BYOD, according to a survey of midmarket firms by enterprise mobility management firm Good Technology.

Gartner: Mobility is 'hot area' for CRM investment

Mobility is one of the "hot areas" for enterprise investment in customer relationship management technology, says Gartner.

Mobility needs to be central to insurance industry's IT modernization, says Ovum

Increasing customer empowerment, the increasing use of mobile capabilities and minimal economic growth in developed countries are making it imperative for insurers to embrace customer-centricity, says research firm Ovum.

Gartner: Number of mobile CRM apps to increase 1200 percent by next year

Research firm Gartner predicts that the number of mobile customer relationship management apps downloadable on app stores will soar 1,200 percent by 2014.

72 percent of American consumers have their price

The adage that everyone has their price holds true for 72 percent American consumers, according to Dimitri Maex, managing director of OgilvyOne in New York. He sees a fundamental shift in U.S. consumers' attitudes towards privacy, which says basically that people are for sale.

How to get valuable sales projections out of CRM

Forecasting sales is a tricky business, not least of all because the process is often emotionally charged and sales executives are motivated to "manage" the flow of information, writes David Taber,