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Latest Headlines

The Apple + IBM partnership: Who makes the first compromise?

The new alliance means IBM will be selling iPads, and Apple will be making room for IBM enterprise services. Sensible enough. But partnerships require communication, and only one of these two is good with that.

Tables turned: Collaborative Economy dishes up new customer scores

Now companies can rate their customers using the Collaborative Economy Customer Score's metrics.

Beyond Verbal's emotion-recognition tech could change customer service

Beyond Verbal--a startup based in Tel Aviv--is developing a technology that recognizes human emotion behind words. Innovation like this could shake things up in the enterprise.

Microsoft nabs Parature as customer experience dominoes fall

Microsoft Dynamics CRM bought online customer service firm Parature this week, as the parade of marketing and customer service acquisitions continued.

Big data meets customer service in Verint-Kana deal

Verint purchased customer service software Kana this week. It could give them a foothold in the growing customer experience market.

Battle for sales: marketing vs consumer baiting

The sales profession should be hailed as noble since the lives and jobs of many rests upon their shoulders. Ultimately, they must choose one of two paths: marketing or consumer baiting. One is the high road, the other the low trail, and big data paves both.

Will Amazon's Mayday button spark video revival in customer service?

The Mayday button on Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet allows customers to initiate a customer service videoconference with one click--or does it?

Shoppers ok with online tracking, not so much with in-store tracking

For years now, retailers have tracked shoppers online and shoppers were pretty ok with that. Somehow shoppers "get" that the retailers are trying to learn from their visits to the website and improve their customer service (and their own bottom line) in the process. 

Telligent updates community product

Telligent announced Telligent Community 7.0 last week at its Big Social user conference.

Salesforce.com gives up bid to trademark 'social enterprise'

Salesforce.com has given up its effort to trademark "social enterprise," a term that has become a popular way to refer to enterprises that embrace social media technology.