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Latest Headlines

Individualized experiences are needed, but few companies are prepared to offer them

More and more people are expecting individualized experiences from companies. Companies recognize how big an influence such offerings could have on revenue, yet very few are prepared to deliver these experiences to their customers and employees, an Oracle study finds.

Industry Insider: IT investments must do more than reward customers

Linking IT investments to what customers do today is easy to understand. Harder is knowing what customers want both today and in the future, writes Marc Dowd.

New IT hiring should be for 'customer-focused' techies

IT leaders are increasingly looking for business-technologists to expand their ranks. Some of these new hires may not come from traditional IT departments at all. But wherever they reside, they should all share a customer-first mindset.

Radio Shack customer data case has broader privacy guarantee implications

With half of the states on record as opposing any data sale at all, the FTC has reportedly recommended that customer data held by bankrupt retailer Radio Shack should only be purchased by a similar company and with guaranteed privacy protections, or not at all.

Offering free credit monitoring might not be best response to data breach, researchers find

Offering free-credit monitoring when a data breach occurs might not be the best strategy to satisfy affected customers, according to study by researchers at the University of Arkansas.

CIOs: Focus on emerging tech to keep business, customers happy

New research from Forrester finds that CIOs need to focus on customer-facing emerging tech and the demands that come along with it to make the organization run smoothly, keep customers happy and help the bottom line.

Mobile users are very impatient with slow apps, study says

Your business may be missing out on mobility money if your team isn't dedicated to crafting topnotch mobile apps, a study of mobile users finds.

Business pros turn to text messaging as an effective tool

Firms are increasingly using text messaging as an effective business tool that gets people's attention--both within and outside the office.

News Scan: IT onboarding; mandating BYOD; more

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