Cyber Monday

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Mobile fuels record online sales for Cyber Monday

Mobile traffic accounted for 30 percent of visits to retailers' websites this Cyber Monday, an increase of more than 58 percent year-over-year, according to IBM stats provided to Bloomberg.

Happy Thanksgiving and safe online shopping

As we prepare for our turkey dinners and Black Friday shopping, let's remember to be safe if we are shopping online. Here at FierceITSecurity we observe the extended Thanksgiving holiday weekend with a brief publishing hiatus, returning to your inbox on Tuesday, Dec. 3. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Spotlight: Cyber Monday sales reach $2 billion

Cyber Monday sales were way up from last year and mobile devices played a big part in it.

Feds seize 150 domains as part of Cyber Monday counterfeiter cleanup

As part of a three-month investigation, federal authorities announced that they seized 150 domain names on Friday--days ahead of the "Cyber Monday" post-Thanksgiving sales peak period. The cleanup

Spotlight: ZAGGkeys SOLO portable keyboard for tablets

The ZAGGkeys SOLO is a portable Bluetooth keyboard designed for use with tablets and smartphones. Its unique feature would be the built-in stand that can accept a range of tablets in either