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Latest Headlines

Cybersecurity approaches to industrial control systems need to focus on operational technology, says ABI

Cybersecurity solutions for industrial control systems, which control power plants and other industrial facilities, are moving from IT-focused to operational-technology-focused methods, according to market research firm ABI Research.

IoT cybersecurity will be the next big thing, predicts ABI

The Internet of Things will be the next big market for the cybersecurity industry, predicted Michela Menting, research director at ABI Research.

Poor cybersecurity can derail corporate innovation, mission-critical initiatives

A full 71 percent of 1,014 senior executives in 10 countries surveyed by Cisco said that concerns over cybersecurity are impeding innovation in their organizations, and close to 40 percent said that they have halted mission-critical initiatives due to cybersecurity issues.

Spotlight: EHRs make healthcare the most vulnerable industry

For all their advantages to doctors and patients alike, electronic health records are making the healthcare industry particularly vulnerable to data breaches.

C-suite is confused about who poses the biggest cybersecurity threat

C-suite executives are confused about who the true cybersecurity adversaries are and how to effectively combat them, a survey released Wednesday by IBM found.

Regulations, cybersecurity main hurdles left for autonomous vehicles

Connected cars and autonomous vehicles are coming; it's just a matter of when and how. The technology is essentially viable, and now it's up to U.S. lawmakers, government agency officials and industry executives to come to an agreement on making these rolling mobile devices street legal.

Cybersecurity is the top IT investment priority for Western European utilities

Chief information officers at utilities in Western Europe identified cybersecurity as their top IT spending priority this year, according to a survey by market research firm IDC.

Infographic: Top 4 cybersecurity trends

IBM Security has identified the four top trends in cybersecurity: Onion-layered security incidents, rise of ransomware, malicious insider attacks and greater management awareness of cyberthreats.

Three-quarters of IT and security pros say a breach caused by an IoT device is likely

Close to three-quarters of 7,016 IT and cybersecurity professionals that nonprofit IT association ISACA surveyed rated the likelihood of their organization being hacked through an Internet of Things device as medium or high.

Are the Keystone Cops running the nuclear power industry?

According to a study by think tank Chatham House, top industry executives as well as nuclear plant personnel lack an understanding of cybersecurity risks and basic cybersecurity best practices. And communication between operational plant personnel and cybersecurity personnel is often difficult.