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Latest Headlines

Senate panel okays cyber information sharing bill

The Senate Intelligence Committee has approved a cybersecurity bill that would give companies legal immunity when they share cyber threat data with the U.S. government.

Corporate boards scrutinize cybersecurity efforts

With major data breaches much on the mind of the C-suite, corporate boards are getting more involved in cybersecurity.

Bitcoin brings extortion to the digital age

Extortion, once the tool of neighborhood mobsters, has found its way to the digital realm. Some online scam artists are using the shroud of Bitcoin to exact tributes from innocent business owners across the country.

Infographic: Banking customers blissfully unaware of rise in cyberattacks

Close to half of banks have experienced a cybersecurity attack in the last month, yet only 5 percent of customer were aware of those attacks, according to a survey of 150 U.S. bank managers by CDW.

Mobile bad bot traffic surges by 1,000%

Mobile bad bot traffic is up a staggering 1,000 percent this year, and one new study expects mobile to be the focus of even greater bad bot behavior in 2014.

Infographic: More than half of utilities not ready for cyberattacks

More than half of utilities say they are not ready for cyberattacks, according to data in an infographic compiled by the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel.

Spotlight: EU, Japan to ink cybersecurity cooperation pact

The European Union and Japan are set to sign a strategic partnership agreement, which will include a cybersecurity cooperation pact, when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits Brussels this week, AFP reports.

Spending on utilities' security will reach $8.4B this year, says Visiongain

A renewed emphasis on the security of utilities infrastructure will spur $8.4 billion in security spending by companies and governments this year, predicts market research firm Visiongain.

Facing North Korean cyber attacks, South Korean firms up security investment

Facing increasing cyber attacks from the North, South Korean organizations are investing more in cybersecurity tools, including cloud-based security products.

Cybersecurity threats against aviation on the rise

Cybersecurity threats targeting airports, airlines and air traffic control systems are on the rise, creating a $1.7 billion opportunity for IT security providers this year, estimates market research firm Visiongain.