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Latest Headlines

Three-quarters of IT and security pros say a breach caused by an IoT device is likely

Close to three-quarters of 7,016 IT and cybersecurity professionals that nonprofit IT association ISACA surveyed rated the likelihood of their organization being hacked through an Internet of Things device as medium or high.

Are the Keystone Cops running the nuclear power industry?

According to a study by think tank Chatham House, top industry executives as well as nuclear plant personnel lack an understanding of cybersecurity risks and basic cybersecurity best practices. And communication between operational plant personnel and cybersecurity personnel is often difficult.

Infographic: Costly data breaches force boards to focus on IT security

In response to the costly data breaches over the last few years, boards of directors at companies are now taking notice of information security, according to a survey by Georgia Tech University.

High-tech giants take heat from privacy groups over CISA support

High-tech giants Apple, IBM, Microsoft and others firms who are members of the BSA | The Software Alliance are getting hammered by privacy groups over their support of the controversial Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act bill.

Intel sets up automotive security review board

In the aftermath of the highly publicized hack of a Jeep Cherokee by security researchers, Intel has launched an automotive security review board that will focus on research to improve connected car security.

Hackers in chains: Class of 2015

Last year, we had a roundup of the longest prison sentences for hackers. This year we decided to document the newest jailbirds while calling attention to the hackers who got their sentences reduced or cut altogether. Here's the latest class of hackers in chains. 

5 building blocks for cybersecurity

The five most common building blocks for cybersecurity used by large enterprises and government agencies are data integrity, continuous monitoring, effective communication with the board, risk-based prioritization and closed loop remediation, according to security risk management firm Agiliance.

RAND develops model to help CISOs communicate cybersecurity to the C-suite

Corporate America is awash with data breaches and other security lapses often because CISOs and other IT pros have trouble communicating the need for more security investment to the CEO and the C-suite. Policy think-tank RAND has developed a model to help CISOs communicate IT security in terms of the risks and return on investment.

When it comes to security, size doesn't matter

A survey of security pros released Tuesday by RSA found that size doesn't matter when it comes to cybersecurity. Most enterprises with more than 10,000 employees are not well prepared for today's cyberthreats, according to respondents.

IoT, other trends will cause major shifts in IT security operations, Gartner says

CSOs and CISOs who equate forthcoming IT trends – most notably the digitization of core business processes and the Internet of Things – to past shifts in the market couldn't be more wrong, according to a number of Gartner experts.