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Latest Headlines

RAND develops model to help CISOs communicate cybersecurity to the C-suite

Corporate America is awash with data breaches and other security lapses often because CISOs and other IT pros have trouble communicating the need for more security investment to the CEO and the C-suite. Policy think-tank RAND has developed a model to help CISOs communicate IT security in terms of the risks and return on investment.

When it comes to security, size doesn't matter

A survey of security pros released Tuesday by RSA found that size doesn't matter when it comes to cybersecurity. Most enterprises with more than 10,000 employees are not well prepared for today's cyberthreats, according to respondents.

IoT, other trends will cause major shifts in IT security operations, Gartner says

CSOs and CISOs who equate forthcoming IT trends – most notably the digitization of core business processes and the Internet of Things – to past shifts in the market couldn't be more wrong, according to a number of Gartner experts.

State CIOs say information sharing--with private sector and public--is key to cybersecurity

Speaking during the NASCIO conference in Washington, District of Columbia, this week, state tech executivess and private sector partners discussed the importance of information sharing, among other topics, as key to helping prevent cyberattacks. 

CEOs vs. CISOs: What we have here is failure to communicate

High-profile data breaches over the last couple of years have raised aware of cybersecurity in the C-suite. Corporate leadership is starting to take notice of the need for stronger security for their enterprise. Unfortunately, the CEO and CISO often don't speak the same language.

Congress passes 4 cybersecurity bills in pre-recess flurry

After failing to take action all year on cybersecurity, Congress rushed passage of four cybersecurity bills before hightailing it out of the Nation's Capital, reports the National Law Review.

Detroit had server breached, balked at $800,000 bitcoin ransom to recover

Some entity commandeered a database belonging to the city of Detroit in April, freezing the system and ordering a bitcoin ransom of more than $800,000 for return of control. Lucky for then newly-inaugurated Mayor Mike Duggan, the information on the index was not critical to city operations, and they were able to evade the pricey demand.

Majority of UK firms would hire a hacker to meet cybersecurity challenges

More than half of U.K. firms would consider hiring a hacker or someone with a criminal record to tackle new cyber challenges, according to a survey by KPMG of 300 senior IT and HR pros at U.K. organizations.

In 3 years, CIOs will spend 80% of time on cybersecurity, analytics and digital revenue streams

In three years' time, 80 percent of a CIO's time will be spent on cybersecurity, analytics and creating new digital revenue streams, predicts market research firm IDC in its FutureScape for CIO Agenda report.

Spotlight: Treasury mulls better vendor security for US banks

Treasury Department officials are considering ways to bolster third-party vendor security for U.S. financial institutions, the New York Times reports.