Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

CISOs obsess over malware outbreaks, data breaches

Worries over malware outbreaks and data breaches continue to keep CISOs up at night, which isn't surprising considering that most organizations report they can't find an acceptable security solution.

State of data security: Report finds finance, manufacturing, education more prone to phishing attacks

The newly released ForeScout State of IT Cyber Defense Report, based on independent research conducted by IDG Connect surveying 1600 IT information security decision-makers, reveals the nature and extent of the security threats and defense maturity in the finance, manufacturing, healthcare, education and retail sectors in the U.S., U.K., Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

China and US up the ante in spy spat

The U.S. has seriously engaged in ending foreign cyber-espionage. China doesn't like that change in focus and appears to be engaged in tit-for-tat product banning and indictment tactics.

Mobile bad bot traffic surges by 1,000%

Mobile bad bot traffic is up a staggering 1,000 percent this year, and one new study expects mobile to be the focus of even greater bad bot behavior in 2014.

Spotlight: Centuries-old security practices work in 21st century

Operational risk assessment and management practices developed over hundreds of years to provide physical security are applicable to today's cyberthreats, argues Steve Adegbite with Wells Fargo.