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Latest Headlines

DARPA, Pentagon wants 'big code' for big data

"'We're looking for needles within haystacks while trying to define what the needle is, in an era of declining resources and increasing threats,' said David Shedd, deputy director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, at a conference last month as reported in an article in  USA Today. That's a sentiment almost all private companies currently using big data can relate to.

Military-grade mobile devices: DARPA goes high tech in the field

For the first time in U.S. military history, foot soldiers and company support teams in Afghanistan are using specialized handheld mobile devices to access digital maps, exchange information with other troops and store mission-critical information.

DARPA offers $3.75M for development of automated network defense system

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency is offering $3.75 million in prize money to researchers who develop and automate a network defense system that can identify vulnerabilities and patch them automatically, DARPA  announc ed  this week.

Pocket-sized cloud to put privacy back into communications, foul big data collection

Much of the spying that occurs from our government, other governments and a host of cyber-criminals happens at the server level. Until recently, most thought that server and network protection was the only recourse even though many thought such attempts fall short in completely securing data. But leave it to DARPA to find a work-around. Enter the pocket cloud.

DARPA takes on big data as 'national security threat,' solicits proposals

Have you got what it takes to win a battle in a big data-fueled cyberwar--or maybe you have a sharp strategic mind that can pinpoint a big data built vulnerability before it is attacked? Step up then and let DARPA see what you've got! 

Mapping the biggest, fastest database: the brain

It's only an initiative at this point, but it has more legs than a manned Mars mission and more data that just about anything. If all goes well, the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies, or BRAIN, project--announced by the White House last week--will launch with $100 million in funding in 2014.

A peek behind DARPA's innovation success

The Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Project Agency is known for highly innovative technologies, and part of its success is in knowing which projects to pursue. One of its secrets is to start each potential project with the same set of concrete questions, writes Ted Greenwald at Forbes.

Public, private sectors seeking ways to replace passwords

Pretty much everyone hates passwords, and yet they persist as the main method for authenticating computer and network users. That may change before long, though, with the launch this week of two projects looking for alternatives, reports Brian Donohue at ThreatPost.

Spotlight: Continuum gets $3 million from DARPA XDATA

Continuum Analytics has received approximately $3 million in research funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Topological data analysis drives startup Ayasdi

The Ayasdi platform is designed for domain experts, data scientists and researchers, but does not require coding or model building. In Fact, it doesn't even require queries.