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Latest Headlines

Highlights from Politico's 'Outside In: Big Data Event'

You might have seen last week's Spotlight tipping you off to POLITICO's "Outside In: Big Data Event" so that you could attend or at least watch the livestream. But in case you missed it, here are a few of the highlights. 

Big data: too big for its own good, say data scientists

Data scientists say they are drowning in data--but the biggest problem isn't the volume of it, it is the variety of that data that makes life so challenging.  

Businesses couple intuition with data for better outcomes

Human intuition and big data analytics can--and should--work hand-in-hand to help guide decisions. 

How to assemble a data analytics operation

Francesco Bolivi shares his insights on how to assemble, organize and manage a data analytics operation to get true business value from the effort.

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Analytics market grew 8 percent last year, SAP remains at top

Gartner has published its 2013 market share analysis for business intelligence and analytics software. The bottom line won't surprise anyone: spending on these categories rose by a healthy 8 percent last year.

How to create a more agile analytics program

The rate of change in the business world is increasing. This is not news. A corollary is that it won't be enough to "do big data". You're going to have to do it quickly, and agility needs to be a defining characteristic of your overall analytics program.

Big data's defense against cyber crime

Big data is both a blessing and a curse in terms of security. Cybercriminals can hide within big data and they can use big data to aid their efforts in myriad ways. But, big data tools also present a formidable defense when they're used correctly. A new report from Gartner gives some good advice on how to do that.

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Mobile can be a business driver, say panelists

Enterprise mobility has long played an important role for organizations' execution of business processes--from the salesforce delivering presentations on their iPads to warehouse staff using mobile devices to take inventory. But mobile also has the potential to drive the business decisions behind those services, said panelists speaking at the NIST Intersection of Cloud and Mobility Conference.