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Latest Headlines

Reduce application errors with log management, analytics

Sometimes efficiency comes one bit at a time. That's where log management and data analytics can help. The tools can reduce errors and improve troubleshooting (or even decrease the need for it).

News Scan: Bitcoin users projected to reach 4.7 million; Behavioral analytics can help prevent data theft; More.

The top news stories for March 19, 2015.

News Scan: M2M adopters turn to data analytics; Reddo gets $4.25M to make Windows apps mobile; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Wednesday, Jan. 7, including M2M adopters using analytics to handle huge amounts of data, Reddo getting $4.25 million to make desktop Windows app mobile, Facebook buying voice-recognition startup Wit.ai, Apple gaining smartphone market share at the expense of Samsung and Kellogg's, Walgreens and Microsoft's part in mHealth.

Data analytics done right

The goal with data should not be to gather a ton of it, but to know how to make better business decisions from the data you have, writes Suketu Gandhi. He discusses how insights from data can truly transform the business.

eHarmony finds the perfect match: Mobility and business intelligence

Online dating service eHarmony is marrying mobility and business intelligence to better serve its customers, explains an article at CIO magazine.

Big data investments could double among the Fortune 1000

Big data analysis has become firmly entrenched in a majority of Fortune 1000 organizations, and investments in data analytics are expected to double over the next three years, a new study reveals.

Healthcare data may be the next big thing in Nashville

Normally when most people think of Nashville, Tennessee, country music stars immediately come to mind. OK, the image of country music stars comes to everyone's minds. But now Nashville has set its sights on its next claim to fame and that is not in music and entertainment but in healthcare data. 

Highlights from Politico's 'Outside In: Big Data Event'

You might have seen last week's Spotlight tipping you off to POLITICO's "Outside In: Big Data Event" so that you could attend or at least watch the livestream. But in case you missed it, here are a few of the highlights. 

Big data: too big for its own good, say data scientists

Data scientists say they are drowning in data--but the biggest problem isn't the volume of it, it is the variety of that data that makes life so challenging.  

Businesses couple intuition with data for better outcomes

Human intuition and big data analytics can--and should--work hand-in-hand to help guide decisions.