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Latest Headlines

BMC adds 'start anywhere' functionality to application dependency mapping tools

BMC is trying to make IT discovery and dependency mapping easier with the release of BMC Discovery.

Microsoft sets sights on oceanic data center deployments

One of the first data centers I ever visited was somewhere outside of Las Vegas – right in the middle of the desert. With my limited knowledge of data center requirements, it seemed like an odd location choice for a data center, but I later learned the cool desert nights and arid climates made it ideal.

Spotlight: Peak 10 boosts cloud services with third Tampa data center

The folks at Peak 10 obviously like their weather warm, but they also like their data centers hurricane-proof.

Amazon solar farm furthers goal to use 100% renewable energy

Amazon Web Services came under fire from Greenpeace last year for not using more green energy, but the public cloud giant has since come a long way toward changing its ways. The latest example of its greenness? Amazon has partnered with Community Energy to build the Amazon Solar Farm US East, an 80 megawatt solar farm in Accomack County, Virginia.

IoT will be top driver of data center expansion, IDC predicts

Without sufficient investment in corporate data centers, the deployment of Internet of Things devices and services in enterprises could overwhelm those data centers.

News Scan: Apple in disarray; Mobility spurs data center spending; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Wednesday, Sept. 3, including Apple's current state of affairs just before the iPhone 6 launch, spending on data center projects spurred by mobility and BYOD, game revenue higher in Android than Apple, older generations aren't as bad at tech as you think and consumer attitudes towards the security of mobile banking apps.

Lower-priced tablets to gain momentum in US market, says Gartner

The sale of high-end tablets is forecast by Gartner to decrease as tablet penetration passes 50 percent of U.S. households with the next wave of adopters more attracted to lower-priced utility tablets.

Internet of Things threatens to overwhelm data centers, open security holes

The Internet of Things will overtax data centers and open up the enterprise to greater security risks, warns Gartner.

Surge in premium mobile phone spending spurs Gartner revision

Unexpected growth in spending on premium mobile phones has prompted research firm Gartner to boost its estimate for device spending growth this year.