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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: New book: Data Mining for Dummies

Meta Brown is back with a book all about data mining. 

Sageworks opens its data on privately held companies to journalists for free

Data on the most closely held companies is open to media for mining--and it comes free of charge.

Spotlight: Crime mining is changing history

Hidden data from London's oldest criminal court could change history after it's all mined and analyzed. 

Mobile network threats are mounting, but security architecture lags

Threats against mobile networks are increasing in number and sophistication, but the underlying network security architecture has not been updated to keep pace with those threats, warned Selim Aissi, vice president for global information security at Visa, during a panel discussion at the RSA Conference this week.

LinkedIn groups for data lovers

If you're into big data about big data, check out KDNuggets' interesting charts and analysis on the top 2013 LinkedIn Groups for analytics, big data, data mining and data science. As usual, editor Gregory Piatetsky doesn't disappoint. 

Spotlight: Amazon mines user data to find TV hits

Amazon is collecting viewer feedback in innovative ways in order to improve the traditional TV development process.

Gartner: Close to half of IT leaders are investing or plan to invest in big data tech

Around 42 percent of IT leaders surveyed by Gartner have invested or plan to invest in big data technology within a year. Fueling this investment is a recognition among enterprises that there are business opportunities that cannot be exploited using traditional data sources, technologies or practices. There are also demonstrated use cases for big data.

Big data makes PwC's top technology trends list

There is something interesting in this year's top ten technology trends for business report by PricewaterhouseCoopers. It lists emerging and disruptive technologies that are reshaping strategies, business models and investment, and among them, at number three, is big data mining and analysis. By itself, this is not surprising or particularly interesting--although welcome--but among the top ten, most are being driven by big data, helping to drive big data, or are otherwise related to big data.

Data quality: Garbage in, garbage out?

We're seeing quite a bit written these days about the need to move forward on IT initiatives and decisions with great speed. When it comes to data-related projects, increasingly the advice seems to

Mining for diamonds in old data

Here's a low-cost, low-risk idea with potentially high value for your company: Take advantage of some of the old data that you have stockpiled by applying new analytical techniques to it. This idea,