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Latest Headlines

Gear up for World Backup Day March 31

As far as holidays go, World Backup Day won't get you a paid day off but it's still worth putting on your calendar.

Report: IT's faith in ability to protect data is abysmal

Data and file protection is arguably one of the most important jobs IT pros have, yet it's one of the things they feel least confident about doing properly.

Expert: Protect your company by protecting your 'dark data'

Organizations spend a lot of time securing their most obvious data, but Tom Barce, an information governance expert, suggests many companies have an Achilles' heel that could come back to haunt them: Dark data. Securing it, he said, may mean the difference between data protection and data disaster.

Barracuda takes a dive into the crowded EFSS waters

Barracuda Networks, better known for its network security and server data backup products, introduced Tuesday a cloud-based file service called CudaDrive in the crowded enterprise file sync and sharing market.

Here's how you can prepare now that the European Council has approved new data privacy rules

U.S. firms could confront stricter, unified data privacy regulations in Europe in the coming years, while European firms currently have to navigate through the maze of often conflicting U.S. regulations. One thing is for sure, data privacy will be an ongoing issue in U.S.-European commercial relations.

Commvault addresses enterprise file-sharing concerns with new products

Commvault this week unveiled new solutions that take aim at enterprise pain points with regards to cloud-storage management, compliance and file storage that is both Web- and mobile-friendly.

More than $1.7T is lost annually to data loss, downtime, says EMC

More than $1.7 trillion is lost annually due to data loss and downtime, according to a study released Tuesday by EMC.

Infographic: Slipshod vendor security could cost you dearly

Security vulnerabilities at third-party vendors have been behind a number of high-profile data breaches, including major breaches at Target, AT&T, Lowe's, AutoNation and the Department of Defense's TRICARE healthcare network.

Gartner: Enterprises turning to security services for data protection, security risk management

More than half of enterprises will use security services firms that specialize in data protection, security risk management and security infrastructure management to enhance their security postures by 2018, predicts market research firm Gartner.

Doing business in Europe? Get a data protection officer!

The EU is getting very serious about cybersecurity and data protection, with new regulations expected to go into effect this fall that would the require the appointment of data protection officers at many organizations doing business in Europe.