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Latest Headlines

More than $1.7T is lost annually to data loss, downtime, says EMC

More than $1.7 trillion is lost annually due to data loss and downtime, according to a study released Tuesday by EMC.

Infographic: Slipshod vendor security could cost you dearly

Security vulnerabilities at third-party vendors have been behind a number of high-profile data breaches, including major breaches at Target, AT&T, Lowe's, AutoNation and the Department of Defense's TRICARE healthcare network.

Gartner: Enterprises turning to security services for data protection, security risk management

More than half of enterprises will use security services firms that specialize in data protection, security risk management and security infrastructure management to enhance their security postures by 2018, predicts market research firm Gartner.

Doing business in Europe? Get a data protection officer!

The EU is getting very serious about cybersecurity and data protection, with new regulations expected to go into effect this fall that would the require the appointment of data protection officers at many organizations doing business in Europe.

Infographic: 6 success factors for a BYOD program

Companies are struggling to deal with the flood of personal devices coming into workplace. Here are six success factors from cloud and mobile security provider Bitglass that IT managers should keep in mind when crafting a BYOD program.

News Scan: Insider security threats worrisome, but hard to identify; 25 lawmakers set to receive technology awards; more

The top news stories for June 6, 2014.

9 tips for data protection, recovery

David Zimmerman writes that organizations today utilize several different devices to produce and manage data, so they need multiple layers of data protection.

EU commissioner threatens to suspend EU-US safe harbor accord for data protection

A powerful EU commissioner is threatening to suspend the EU/US safe harbor agreement--which protects U.S. companies from EU regulatory action if they meet certain data protection criteria--unless significant changes are made to address privacy concerns raised by reports of widespread surveillance by the National Security Agency.

The backup challenges of the mid-sized data center

Safeguarding data is a challenge in any data center, but in medium-sized data centers there are often a host of special considerations. They generally have dedicated, largely virtualized servers running mission-critical applications, and at the same time, they get slim resources, making data protection a major struggle, writes George Crump, lead analyst at Storage Switzerland.

Proposed E.U. data rules include 2 percent fine for lost data

Under a proposed update to the European Union's data protection law, companies could be fined as much as 2 percent of their annual sales for losing personal data or processing sensitive information