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News Scan: NFL Now to offer mobile content; BYOD ups data recovery requests; more

Quick takes on the latest mobile IT news for Friday, 1/31 including: what NFL Now is doing to create a more personalized fan experience for football junkies on mobile devices, the question of data recovery now that more personal devices are used in the workplace, an Android app coming out of Rutgers that lets mobile users know when an app is tracking their location, mobile firm Inq shuts down the business and the launch of Facebook's Paper app which provides easily accessed news to consumers.

BYOD to fuel enterprise spending on data recovery in 2013

The widespread use of mobile devices at work will pose data recovery challenges, fueling enterprise investment in data recovery tools, predicted data recovery firm Kroll Ontrack.

Survey: IT outages cost North American enterprises $26.5 billion annually

Enterprises in North America jointly lose $26.5 billion in revenue a year because of IT outages and the length of time it takes to restore services, according to a survey report from CA Technologies.

Space Shuttle Columbia hard drive data recovered

Think that all the talk of the dangers of improperly disposing of corporate hard drives is just scaremongering? Let this be a lesson to you on the robustness of current data recovery technology.

Hard Disk Crusher is serious about security

How serious are you about making sure that the secure data stored on your business' hard drives stays out of the wrong hands? Given the recent rash of corporate laptop thefts that we've seen in

Strange data storage stories

There are plenty of obstacles for the CIO whose data storage system has been hit by a virus. And data recovery company Kroll Ontrack has a list of the most unusual recovery jobs it faced in 2007. The

No plan for Internet disaster recovery

A new report says the U.S. is in no shape to recover from or respond to an Internet attack or crisis--described as a "cyber-Katrina." There is no plan that would restore Internet functionality to

Disaster preparation not a primary focus

The news about disaster recovery and IT preparedness wasn't good at the Storage Networking World conference this week. CIOs and IT leaders readily admitted that their enterprises aren't ready and

The IT lessons continue from natural disaster scene

To say there are lots of lessons to be learned from surviving natural disasters is an understatement when looking back at the hurricane that hit New Orleans in 2005. Tech leaders across the state