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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Mozilla plugs security hole in 'opportunistic encryption'

After touting the data security benefits of "opportunistic encryption" in the latest version of its Firefox browser, Mozilla has had to eat crow and issue a patch for a "critical" security hole created by the same opportunistic encryption.

280,000 US customers' data stolen by overseas AT&T call center employees

Employees at overseas AT&T call centers stole the names and Social Security numbers of around 280,000 U.S. customers, according to the Federal Communications Commission, which fined the wireless carrier a record $25 million for lax data security practices.

IT decision makers think the cloud is risky, but many still use it for sensitive data

Despite raging security concerns--rightly or wrongly--with keeping sensitive data in the cloud, the 2015 Vormetric Insider Threat Report (ITR) finds 60 percent of U.S. IT decision makers store it there anyway. 46 percent say that behavior is a top risk for data breaches. 

Researchers turn up the heat on air-gapped computers

Computer systems that require a high-level of data security, such as classified networks, are often isolated from the Internet, a method known as air gapping. Researchers at Ben-Gurion University's Cyber Security Research Center have developed a method called BitWhisper for retrieving data from air-gapped computers using heat emissions and thermal sensors.

How data collectors get around HIPAA to get sensitive medical data

According to recent research, nearly every medical information website--from About.com and CDC.gov to Health.com and university websites--is collecting and monetizing information based on searches about symptoms or diseases. 

Multinational firms facing myriad data privacy laws can handle them all from one cloud-platform

Multinational enterprise face a myriad of national and regional data privacy laws, from the strict data privacy regulations in the European Union to the sector specific rules in the U.S. To help multinationals handle these various requirements from a single cloud platform, Druva, a Sunnyvale, California-based data protection and governance firm, is unveiling its Cloud Data Privacy Framework.

Spotlight: HP buys Voltage to put spark in its cloud, data security portfolio

HP has agreed to acquire data security firm Voltage Security to beef up its cloud and big data security credentials.

Data security in the cloud getting CEO's attention

While long a concern of IT security pros, data security in the cloud is now getting the attention of the C-suite, according to a survey by the Cloud Security Alliance sponsored by Skyhigh Networks.

BYOD fuels demand for hybrid cloud deployments, says Dornquast

The explosion of BYOD in the workplace will fuel demand for hybrid cloud deployments that provide greater data management and security, predicts Matthew Dornquast, CEO and co-founder of Code42 Software.

Data breach costs rising

Loss prevention should be job number one as data is an asset and must be protected as such. To better understand the rising costs in data breaches, consider the following infographic which is based on Ponemon's "2014 Cost of Cyber Crime Study: United States" report and constructed by Duo Security.