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Latest Headlines

Many IT security pros are sending sensitive data without encryption

Nearly 36 percent of IT security professionals admit to sending sensitive data outside of their organizations without using any form of encryption to protect it, a new survey from Voltage Security found. The survey showed that almost half of respondents are not de-identifying any data within their organizations.  

Data security--It's all about location

As data migrates across networks, borders and devices, focusing solely on the physical location of data is no longer relevant, argues market research firm Gartner.

Gartner: CISOs dropping the security ball on big data

Chief information security officers are dropping the ball when it comes to big data by not implementing a data-centric, comprehensive data security policy, says Brian Lowans, principal research analyst at Gartner.

BYOD success starts with employee training

A new BYOD survey finds that 100 percent of employees use open public Wi-Fi networks. That means some training is definitely called for to help employees better understand the risks that BYOD brings.

NSA failed at one thing, says former NSA director

Gen. Keith Alexander, who retired in March after eight years as the director of the NSA, said the NSA "faithfully did" its job but failed at one thing. Can you guess what that one thing was?  

Move to the cloud generates compliance worries for IT pros

As enterprises move more of their data to the cloud, they are increasingly concerned about regulatory compliance issues regarding that data, according to a survey 1,068 tech professionals by cloud portfolio management firm RightScale.

Heartbleed puts small businesses at greater risk

The Heartbleed bug, which is present in two-thirds of websites, is adding to the security risks of small businesses, the BBC reports.

LTE: The need for speed opens up security potholes

Mobile operators' deployment of high-speed 4G LTE networks has opened the door to security threats because of vulnerabilities inherent in the all IP architecture, warns Stephane Teral, principal analyst for mobile infrastructure and carrier economics at Infonetics Research

Insider threats top of mind for firms in Snowden era

The massive data theft and release of National Security Agency documents by NSA contractor Edward Snowden has left many companies fearful of malicious insiders.

3 questions to ask before allowing BYOD

There are three important questions that small and medium-sized businesses should ask before allowing BYOD devices into the workplace, advises Matthew Held, CEO and co-founder of Manawa Networks.