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Latest Headlines

Druva provides dashboard for IT to manage data risks on mobile devices and in the cloud

To address enterprise data security concerns about mobile and cloud, data protection firm Druva launched on Tuesday its inSync Proactive Compliance platform designed to provide IT departments with a single dashboard that enables them to see where data risks are happening on devices and in the cloud and take immediate action.

Spotlight: OptioLabs to release PrivateEye Enterprise 5.0 to secure mobile devices

OptioLabs announced the July 20 availability of its PrivateEye Enterprise 5.0, an upgrade to its data security and compliance software product that protects computer screens from data leakage and insider threats.

Report: Toshiba develops unbreakable encryption using photons

Toshiba is trying to make encryption safe, even from prying NSA eyes. The Japanese electronics firm is working on a quantum cryptography system that analysts claimed can't be breached, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

Spotlight: CVS, Target deal will bring 'data security, privacy problems and HIPAA horrors'

Both Target and CVS have bad histories in handling sensitive customer data so what happens when CVS buys Target's pharmacy business? 

Spotlight: Delphix acquires Axis Technology to beef up its DaaS data masking

To improve its ability to offer companies data masking technology, data-as-a-service provider Delphix has acquired Axis Technology Software, a Boston-based data masking provider.

Millennials: The greatest risk to corporate data

According to a U.S. mobile security study, millennials are a greater risk to corporate data security than other user demographics. The findings between generational behaviors are likely to be counter-intuitive to many who assume younger generations to be more knowledgeable and more aware of security threats in mobile tech use than older generations. So much for gut-instinct, eh?

CoSoSys combines MDM and iBeacons for location-based mobile device policy enforcement

CoSoSys, a mobile device management and endpoint security firm, is incorporating iBeacon technology into its MDM platform to provide location-based mobile device police enforcement.

Want to start using drones? Better think about how to secure them

Attackers could hack into drones, intercept communications and gain control of the vehicle, posing security, privacy and liability issues for companies employing them, according to a panel of legal and security experts here at the RSA conference.

Spotlight: Mozilla plugs security hole in 'opportunistic encryption'

After touting the data security benefits of "opportunistic encryption" in the latest version of its Firefox browser, Mozilla has had to eat crow and issue a patch for a "critical" security hole created by the same opportunistic encryption.

280,000 US customers' data stolen by overseas AT&T call center employees

Employees at overseas AT&T call centers stole the names and Social Security numbers of around 280,000 U.S. customers, according to the Federal Communications Commission, which fined the wireless carrier a record $25 million for lax data security practices.