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Latest Headlines

Data security in the cloud getting CEO's attention

While long a concern of IT security pros, data security in the cloud is now getting the attention of the C-suite, according to a survey by the Cloud Security Alliance sponsored by Skyhigh Networks.

BYOD fuels demand for hybrid cloud deployments, says Dornquast

The explosion of BYOD in the workplace will fuel demand for hybrid cloud deployments that provide greater data management and security, predicts Matthew Dornquast, CEO and co-founder of Code42 Software.

Data breach costs rising

Loss prevention should be job number one as data is an asset and must be protected as such. To better understand the rising costs in data breaches, consider the following infographic which is based on Ponemon's "2014 Cost of Cyber Crime Study: United States" report and constructed by Duo Security.

BlackBerry backs Boeing in Black phone project

To address the stringent data security requirements in highly regulated industries, BlackBerry is teaming with Boeing in the aerospace giant's project for a highly secure Android-based smartphone known as the Black phone.

Dropbox brings app developer platform to the enterprise

Cloud file sharing and storage company Dropbox is bringing its app developer platform to the enterprises, the company explains in a blog.

Infographic: Small businesses are in the cross-hairs of cybercriminals

Small businesses have limited resources in security their information systems and data, yet they are increasingly being attacked by cybercriminals.

Mediation is not the right way to decide FTC data breach authority

U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas has instructed the Federal Trade Commission and Wyndham Hotels to seek mediation in order to resolve their dispute about whether the FTC has the authority to regulate private companies' data security practices.

Nearly half of all US data breaches are healthcare related, finds Bitglass study

Nearly half of all data breaches reported in the United States are healthcare related, according to a study by cloud-based data security firm Bitglass.

Mobile apps present a 'huge attack surface' for hackers looking to steal corporate data, warns Veracode CTO

Mobile apps present a "huge attack surface" for hackers looking to steal corporate data, notes Chris Wysopal, co-founder and chief technology officer at a session at the Advanced Cyber Security Center's annual conference.

Poor file sharing practices by employees put corporate data at risk

Enterprises are at serious risk of data loss and compliance violations because of risky file sharing practices, finds a study by the Ponemon Institute and Intralinks, a cloud-based content management and collaboration solutions provider.