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Latest Headlines

Avanan emerges from stealth with cloud-based product to secure data in enterprise SaaS apps

Security startup Avanan emerged from stealth mode on Wednesday with the launch of a cloud-based platform. The new platform offers cloud-based versions of leading security products, which protect data in enterprise software as a service applications, such as Office 365, Box and Google Drive.

IT security pros beware: Android apps seek 235 different permissions from users

A recent study of Android apps on Google Play will do nothing to ease data security concerns of IT security pros about BYOD. The Pew Research Center studied more than 1 million apps on Google Play and found that they seek a total of more than 235 different permissions from users.

Third time's a charm: Microsoft buys another Israeli security startup

Israel seems to be the place to be if you are security startup hoping to be acquired by the likes of Microsoft. On Monday, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Secure Islands, data protection startup, the third Israeli startup to be acquired by Microsoft in the last 12 months.

Infographic: Cybercriminals don't care who wins the World Series, as long as they can score

While the New York Mets and its fans are trying to figure how they can come back from a 2-0 deficit in the World Series, cybercriminals are plotting how to use the popularity of the annual sporting event to attack through phishing emails, texts with dangerous links, insecure Wi-Fi networks and more.

Poor enterprise security practices lead to sensitive data theft in the cloud

While enterprises are increasingly moving their sensitive data to the cloud, they are often not taking the necessary security precautions to keep that data safe. This has led to increasing data security loss or theft in the cloud, according to a study cloud security firm Skyhigh Networks released Tuesday.

IT vs. legal: The battle over who controls company data

A recent IDC and Iron Mountain report revealed the battle lines between IT and legal's struggle to control company data. It's a battle we've all witnessed – and more than occasionally seen influence our projects – but this is the first report I've seen that has clarified the increasingly blurred lines in internal data ownership.

Spotlight: Unisys unveils new software-based release of Stealth micro-segmentation product

Unisys unveiled Tuesday a number of enterprise security products, including a new software-based release of its Unisys Stealth, which provides identity-based micro-segmentation to protect corporate data.

Spotlight: Lloyd's Premier customers had banking details stolen

UK insurance provider Lloyd's is informing thousands of its Premier account customers that their banking information was stolen, The Guardian reported today. 

Where Washington, D.C. fits in the Internet of Things

POLITICO and McKinsey & Company pulled together a group of technology leaders to determine how and if Washington has a role in the Internet of Things. The report that came out of that thinkfest proved interesting indeed.

Defense contractors face new data breach rules from Pentagon

Defense contractors take note. The Pentagon just published new rules for reporting data breaches and securing data in the cloud.