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Latest Headlines

Infographic: IT decision makers, business leaders not connecting on cybersecurity

There is a disconnect between business leaders and IT decision makers when it comes to cybersecurity, according to a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by VMware.

Attackers see data residing in DR environments as low-hanging fruit, warns Bluelock exec

Attackers are targeting data in disaster recovery environments because it is low-hanging fruit that few people are paying attention to, according to Pat O'Day, chief technology officer at disaster recovery provider Bluelock.

NIST prepares to defend encrypted data from quantum computer threat

While we have plenty of data threats to worry about now, the National Institute of Standards and Technology says we should be looking at future threats now too. One they've spotted is a quantum computer threat to encrypted data. The NIST is already taking stepts to address it.

IoT cybersecurity will be the next big thing, predicts ABI

The Internet of Things will be the next big market for the cybersecurity industry, predicted Michela Menting, research director at ABI Research.

The future of big data: what's next probably isn't what most would guess

Big data has moved from a trend to a given even though not all companies are comfortable with the tools yet. Indeed, many big data projects are still focused on the low hanging fruit and the big fields of information in the harder data warehouse terrains are largely left unharvested. But things are progressing and everyone pretty much accepts that data-driven is the only way forward. The question is, what comes next?

Consumer IoT devices pose increasing security risks to enterprises, warns DataGravity CISO

Consumer-grade Internet of Things devices being brought into the enterprise are posing data security risks for IT security pros, warned Andrew Hay, chief information security officer at data storage firm DataGravity.

Mobile apps are collecting 'alarming' quantities of data, warns HPE

More than half of iOS and Android mobile apps examined by Hewlett Packard Enterprises are collecting "alarming" quantities of data that could pose a risk to enterprises.

Senior corporate leadership attention doesn't translate into more money for security

Even though more than three-quarters of senior corporate leadership at enterprises view IT security as "very" or "critically" important, 20 percent less of most IT budgets are devoted to security and that situation is not expected to improve much this year, accoridng to a survey sponsored by Red Hat.

FTC, SEC struggle to fill gaps in federal cybersecurity rules

When it comes to cybersecurity enforcement, I don't usually think of the Federal Trade Commission or the Securities and Exchange Commission. But it seems they are becoming much more involved in cybersecurity enforcement, even if their mandates in this area are not clear.

Insider threat: It's not just about the malcontent anymore

I sat down recently with Steve Durbin, managing director of the Information Security Forum, to discuss the threat that insiders pose to organizations and what can be done to stop them.