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Latest Headlines

Government watchdog slams CFPB for slipshod data security, privacy practices

The Government Accountability Office says the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau comes up short in protecting the consumer credit card and mortgage loan information that it collects.

Printer security flaw enables a hacker to spy on documents

At a recent security conference in London, a researcher was able to hack into the web interface of a wireless Canon Pixma printer, used extensively by small and medium-sized enterprises and run the video game Doom on the printer's menu screen, Ars Technica reports.

Enterprises without strong BYOD policies risk major data breach

Enterprises need strong BYOD policies in place or they risk having a major data breach, warns IT services firm ITC Infotech.

Infographic: Watch out for these BYOD pitfalls

BYOD can enhance employees' productivity and their willingness to work extra hours, yet there are BYOD pitfalls that companies need to avoid.

Spotlight: Google releases security audits to ease customers' worries

Google has released two security audits to the public in an effort to ease data security concerns of its cloud, enterprise and education customers, CNET reports.

Choosing BYOD vs. CYOD? The path to both is secure data

Whether your organization is embracing a BYOD or a CYOD program, ulitmately what are most important are the steps you take to secure company data. Here are some steps on how to do just that.

Are you ready for a big data disaster? Here's how to prepare

Protecting company data has always been a difficult challenge, and with every passing day it becomes harder to do. As Mary-Pat Cormier says in her guest post today, "companies have become aware that the risk of being hacked is unavoidable." Fortunately, she has some very good advice to share on what to do to financially and legally protect your company before and after a breach.

Many IT security pros are sending sensitive data without encryption

Nearly 36 percent of IT security professionals admit to sending sensitive data outside of their organizations without using any form of encryption to protect it, a new survey from Voltage Security found. The survey showed that almost half of respondents are not de-identifying any data within their organizations.  

Data security--It's all about location

As data migrates across networks, borders and devices, focusing solely on the physical location of data is no longer relevant, argues market research firm Gartner.

Gartner: CISOs dropping the security ball on big data

Chief information security officers are dropping the ball when it comes to big data by not implementing a data-centric, comprehensive data security policy, says Brian Lowans, principal research analyst at Gartner.