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Latest Headlines

Many firms not encrypting sensitive employee data, survey finds

Sensitive employee information, including banking details, human resource files and health care records, is not being encrypted by many midsized businesses surveyed by network and endpoint security firm Sophos.

FinalCode steps up enterprise file sharing security game with latest platform

Enterprises are increasingly falling victim to data leakage from file sharing tools. To help IT departments address this growing threat, FinalCode has released the latest version of its file security platform, version 5, with 50 new enterprise features

Wearables' motion sensors can be used to steal confidential data, say researchers

Motion sensors in wearables provide a "pervasive attack surface" that could be exploited by attackers to steal confidential data, warned two researchers at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Enterprises need to be smarter cloud service consumers, says Cisco CISO

Enterprises need to become smarter consumers of cloud services when it comes to data security, observed Steve Martino, chief information security officer for Cisco.

SANS report finds data science, machine learning improve traditional security methods

Many InfoSec pros scoff at the notion that big data, data science, behavioral analysis and machine learning have any appreciable effect on security. But a new SANS Institute report found that they do improve traditional security methods in meeting Critical Security Controls when used as a complementary enhancement rather than a replacement.

US named 'least trusted' nation on data privacy, data security

According to a just released Ovum survey, the U.S. is the "least-trusted nation" in regards to data privacy and secure data storage practices. This bodes ill for U.S.-based companies and data centers both in terms of attracting and retaining global customers, and in spending increases in order to meet data sovereignty and privacy requirements.

User online privacy tools on the upswing

Consumers and businesses alike are still concerned about the possible rise of a police state and a big brother-dominated world. That concern is leading to the rise of new privacy products and the appearance of a growing number of privacy tools. Within this trend lies a major shift: The U.S. loses and Europe gains as people continue to view the U.S. as the ultimate Big Brother and Europe as the best protector of individual privacy.

Avanan emerges from stealth with cloud-based product to secure data in enterprise SaaS apps

Security startup Avanan emerged from stealth mode on Wednesday with the launch of a cloud-based platform. The new platform offers cloud-based versions of leading security products, which protect data in enterprise software as a service applications, such as Office 365, Box and Google Drive.

IT security pros beware: Android apps seek 235 different permissions from users

A recent study of Android apps on Google Play will do nothing to ease data security concerns of IT security pros about BYOD. The Pew Research Center studied more than 1 million apps on Google Play and found that they seek a total of more than 235 different permissions from users.

Third time's a charm: Microsoft buys another Israeli security startup

Israel seems to be the place to be if you are security startup hoping to be acquired by the likes of Microsoft. On Monday, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Secure Islands, data protection startup, the third Israeli startup to be acquired by Microsoft in the last 12 months.