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Latest Headlines

Charge Anywhere admits malware on its system could have been capturing credit card data for 5 years

Electronic payments processor Charge Anywhere admitted this week that malware on its networks could have exposed credit card data from transactions over a five-year period.

Sony Pictures hackers call on studio to pull 'The Interview'

The purported hackers of Sony Pictures are calling for the film maker to cancel "The Interview," a comedy about a CIO assassination attempt on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un scheduled to be released Dec. 25, The Los Angeles Times reports.

IoT security: Fix the problems before they start

In this week's Editor's Corner, I would like to take a deeper dive into IBM's X-Force threat intelligence report for the 2014 fourth quarter, particularly its discussion of Internet of Things security.

Spotlight: Darkhotel attackers steal data from execs by infiltrating hotel Wi-Fi systems

For the past four years, a cyberespionage campaign known as Darkhotel has been stealing data from corporate executives staying at luxury hotels abroad, according to a blog by Kaspersky Lab.

'Masque' attack replaces legitimate iOS apps with data-stealing imposters, warns FireEye

The "Masque" attack could replace legitimate iOS apps with malware-laden apps, resulting in possible theft of passwords, emails and other sensitive data, warns security firm FireEye.

Infographic: While search engines can't access the Deep Web, attackers can

Search engines can only access about 1 percent of the entire Web--the other 99 percent is called the Deep Web. While search engines can't access the Deep Web, cyberattackers can.

Workers take their sweet time reporting missing mobile devices

More than 38 percent of employees let up to two days pass before telling employers their mobile devices have been lost or stolen, according to Kaspersky Lab's IT Security Risks Survey 2014.

Advanced persistent threat? Not so much, says researcher

The term advanced persistent threat, or APT, is a misnomer because most APT attacks are anything but advanced, says John Pirc, chief technology officer at security testing firm NSS Labs.

Heartbleed scan shows most large companies still vulnerable

Most major companies have done little to fix vulnerabilities exploited by the Heartbleed bug, according to a study by Venafi Labs.

International cybercrime ring behind $1.6M StubHub theft taken down

An international cybercrime ring was behind the breach of the StubHub online ticketing service that resulted in the theft of $1.6 million worth of tickets, according to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance.