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Latest Headlines

Workers take their sweet time reporting missing mobile devices

More than 38 percent of employees let up to two days pass before telling employers their mobile devices have been lost or stolen, according to Kaspersky Lab's IT Security Risks Survey 2014.

Advanced persistent threat? Not so much, says researcher

The term advanced persistent threat, or APT, is a misnomer because most APT attacks are anything but advanced, says John Pirc, chief technology officer at security testing firm NSS Labs.

Heartbleed scan shows most large companies still vulnerable

Most major companies have done little to fix vulnerabilities exploited by the Heartbleed bug, according to a study by Venafi Labs.

International cybercrime ring behind $1.6M StubHub theft taken down

An international cybercrime ring was behind the breach of the StubHub online ticketing service that resulted in the theft of $1.6 million worth of tickets, according to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance.

Most Fortune 1000 firms are vulnerable to Microsoft Active Directory flaw

Around 95 percent of Fortune 1000 firms are vulnerable to an Active Directory flaw that could enable an attacker to steal valuable corporate data, according to security firm Aorato.

BYOD could grease the insider threat wheels

BYOD programs could make it easier for corporate insiders to steal confidential data and intellectual property warns a report at InsideCounsel.

DDoS attacks: Perfected by hacktivists, preferred by cybercriminals

Once the primary tool of hacktivists bent on disrupting corporate and government websites, distributed denial of service attacks are today being embraced by cybercriminals bent on extortion and distracting firms to steal sensitive data. And not surprisingly, these types of attacks are on the rise.

Cybercriminals using Zeus crimeware to target major cloud vendors

The Zeus crimeware kit has evolved from stealing banking credentials to targeting major cloud vendors used by Fortune 500 firms, warns Akamai's Prolexic.

Gartner: Most mobile security breaches will be caused by misconfigured apps by 2017

As the focus of endpoint breaches will shift from PCs and laptops to tablets and smartphones, three-quarters of mobile security breaches will be the result of a misconfigured mobile app by 2017, predicts Gartner.

HTC tops list of manufacturers with Heartbleed-vulnerable smartphones, says Lookout

HTC produces the three most popular Android smartphones vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug--the HTC Evo, One S and One X--according to  data  compiled by security firm Lookout from 100,000 Heartbleed Detector users.