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Latest Headlines

Data-stealing malware hits Starwood POS systems

Starwood Hotels has admitted that it found data-stealing malware on the point of sale systems at more than 50 of its properties.

DDoS attacks providing cover for network intrusion, data theft, warns Kaspersky

Distributed denial of service attacks are more damaging to enterprises than many experts had thought, with nearly one-third of DDoS attacks coinciding with network intrusions and more than one-quarter resulting in data loss.

Spotlight: CoreBot malware steals data from apps on infected computers, warns IBM

IBM Security X-Force researchers have uncovered new malware, dubbed CoreBot, which steals data from apps on infected computers and other business endpoints

Trojanized open source SSH software tool PuTTY used to steal information

A trojanized version of the open source SSH software tool called PuTTY is being used to gain remote access to computers and steal confidential information, warned Symantec researcher Dumitru Stama in a blog post.

Creaters of Photobucket hacking tool arrested, charged in breach of site

Brandon Bourret and Athanasios Andrianakis were arrested last week for creating the Photofucket tool to hack into accounts at Photobucket, a firm that operates an image and video hosting website, the U.S. Department of Justice announced.

Companies are being KOed after DDoS jabs

If I might use a boxing analogy, cybercriminals are "jabbing" companies with short-duration DDoS attacks to distract them from the right-cross of a major data breach.

Preventing insider attacks requires a phased approach that involves all departments, says PwC

While much of the media coverage about data breaches focus on attacks by outside elements, many of the less publicized cases of data theft results from malicious insider actions. PwC recommends a phased approach that involves all departments in a company to prevent those insider attacks.

Report: Hackers are stealing source code of proprietary trading algorithms

Cybercriminals are stealing source code for algorithms that hedge funds and high-frequency traders depend for their proprietary trading models, the Financial Times reported.

Visual hacking: When seeing is stealing

While high-tech cyberattacks using sophisticated malware and deceptive techniques are much in the news, companies can also lose valuable data from someone walking by a desk or looking at a computer screen.

DoJ charges Russian national in largest global hacking, data breach scheme ever prosecuted in the US

The Department of Justice has charged Russian national Vladimir Drinkman for his alleged role in the largest international hacking and data breach scheme ever prosecuted in the United States.