DDoS attacks

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Latest Headlines

Ad networks used to direct DDoS attacks

Cybercriminals are leveraging ad networks as a distribution vector for plain flooding attacks, according to a CloudFlare researcher.

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Mobile network threats are mounting, but security architecture lags

Threats against mobile networks are increasing in number and sophistication, but the underlying network security architecture has not been updated to keep pace with those threats, warned Selim Aissi, vice president for global information security at Visa, during a panel discussion at the RSA Conference this week.

Healthcare systems under virtual siege, SANS-Norse study reveals

Healthcare systems in this country are under seige by external hackers and internal threats, according to new research from the SANS-Norse Healthcare Cyberthreat Report.

Will you be your own security worst enemy?

The best security defense is a strong offense, but that message isn't reaching many CIOs, according to new, recent research studies.

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