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Latest Headlines

Dell launches new post-boot BIOS verification tool for its commercial PCs

Dell unveiled on Thursday a new post-boot basic input/output system (BIOS) verification product for Dell commercial PCs, which allows customers to ensure their devices remain free from malware during the boot process.

New Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition Linux laptop 'closer' to shipping

Dell has started offering a discount on the XPS 13 Developer Edition laptops, in preparation to release the newer version, with Ubuntu Linux and Intel Skylake processors, according to Computerworld.

Dell disaggregates OS from switch with launch of OS10

One by one, networking vendors are disaggregating their operating system software from their switching and routing hardware. Dell joined the disaggregation trend a couple of weeks ago, and according to a TechRepublic article, the reason really comes down to being competitive and providing enterprise customers with future software-defined use cases.

Spotlight: EMC produces middling financials in face of Dell deal

Passable financial results and a forthcoming acquisition saw EMC stock open at its lowest since the announcement of the company's sale to Dell, according to an article from Re/code.

VMware cuts 800 jobs, loses CFO amid uncertainties around Dell acquisition

VMware reported late Tuesday some bad news, even as it released solid full-year financial earnings, adding to concerns that have been piling up against the company recently.  

The rumor mill says Cisco is buying NetApp, but insiders say it will never happen

The rumor has surfaced before, and it seems likely it will appear again. The chit-chat around the watercooler is that Cisco is looking into buying storage technology partner NetApp, but according to a Business Insider article, just forget about that idea. It's never going to happen.

Cisco partnership with Springpath won't damper VCE relationship, says VCE president

One would think the relationship that still exists between VCE and Cisco would be going through a rough time as Cisco gets ready to build its own hyperconverged infrastructure, but a CRN article quickly put an end to such speculation.

Voice systems and telepresence are hurting, but vendors see growth in other enterprise infrastructure areas

Voice and telepresence are both suffering as vendor revenue in those areas continues to decline, but other enterprise infrastructure areas are growing. New research from Synergy Research Group shows that wireless LAN infrastructure products are growing the fastest – something that comes as little surprise as more enterprises roll out Wi-Fi deployments with the latest 802.11 technologies.

Spotlight: Dell brings new business PCs to the 'far from dead' market

Dell came to CES with a lineup of new business PCs in tow.

The most important DevOps acquisitions of 2015

Call it industry consolidation. Call it accelerating time to market. Whatever the case, 2015 was a year of several major acquisitions in the DevOps space, including a few surprising ones.