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Is 2015 the year for 're-enterprization of IT'?

I came across an interesting prediction by Deloitte--2015 will be the year for the "re-enterprization of IT." If Deloitte's prediction holds true, IT teams around the world can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

BYOD complicates data discovery process for companies

Bring-your-own-device efforts are complicating the process of preserving data for legal or regulatory discovery, and many executives are worried that they will not be able to meet data discovery mandates.

Money and mobility

As financial services firms grapple with how to best use mobility to their advantage, increasing consumer engagement and reducing consumer security worries will be the key to success.

Skills gap presents opportunity for consultants

These competitors come from "tens of thousands of PhDs from quantitative fields such as computer science, statistics, econometrics, math and physics and industries such as insurance, finance, science and technology... from over 100 countries and 200 universities," according to Kaggle.

Mobile advertising growth opens opportunities for app developers, platform providers

The growth in mobile advertising is creating revenue opportunities for mobile app developers, mobile platform providers, specialty agencies, ad networks and communications service providers, according to a recent report by research firm Gartner.

Hey CIOs, don't say you want a revolution

A recent study out of Deloitte suggests that the job of CIO is moving from "steward to strategist or revolutionary." If this strikes you as something akin to nonsense, you will enjoy a refreshingly

The emerging world of non-traditional and synthetic data

Few companies these days seem to have too little data on their hands from the perspective of data management, but some are hard at work acquiring more, even if it means creating it synthetically. I

Report: Enterprise to drive tablet sales in 2011

Enterprise users are expected to make up at least a quarter of all tablet sales in 2011 and account for a significant part of the market in the future, according to a report from Deloitte Development

It's always about the content

I had the distinct pleasure of being a judge at the first annual Deloitte National MBA Case Competition this past weekend. It didn't hurt that it was in Miami in January, or that Deloitte footed the

Lessons learned from Deloitte's collaboration 2.0 deployment

In January 2010, Deloitte 's Knowledge Management team introduced a limited release tool for internal collaboration. The 2.0-development began back in 2009, when the company decided it wanted to