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Latest Headlines

Realm releases mobile database platform for Microsoft's Xamarin

Mobile database platform company Realm has introduced a database for Microsoft's recently acquired mobile app framework Xamarin.

Google pushes Android N Developer Preview, hints at 'N' meaning

Google Wednesday surprisingly announced the availability of its Android N Developer Preview, a release that comes far earlier relative to previous iterations.

Microsoft announces HoloLens Development Edition shipping date

Microsoft announced Monday that its HoloLens Development Edition is available for pre-order. The augmented reality product will ship to developers and tinkerers on March 30.

Apple open sources Swift Benchmarking Suite for app developers

Apple announced this week that its Swift Benchmarking Suite is now open source and ready for developers who want to track performance of their iOS, WatchOS and OS X applications written in the Swift programming language.

Imagination Technologies launches Kickstarter for IoT dev kit

Imagination Technologies – a well-known U.K.-based IP licensing company – turned to crowdfunding to gain support for its Internet of Things development kit, according to an article at TechCrunch.

IBM Cloud expands services, includes connection to streaming Twitter data

IBM Cloud Services announced two new features for developers last week: Active Deploy and Event Hub services on IBM Bluemix. Active Deploy enables developers to update cloud-based apps with no service disruption. Event Hub is in beta and aggregates multiple event streams while also keeping the data organized separately.

IBM's Compose to launch 2 new databases

IBM's Compose launched two new open-source database offerings yesterday: CoreOS etcd and RabbitMQ for developers who are building web and mobile apps. The company said the new services complement Compose's existing offerings which include MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, PostgreSQL and RethinkDB.

Java developers better at finding and fixing problems, study reveals

A news study finds that Java developers are doing a good job at diagnosing, fixing and testing performance issues.

Big Blue buys into IoT in a big way

IBM has been embracing the Internet of Things in a big way. In its latest move, Big Blue is launching a community for IoT developers to help them connect devices to the cloud and to harness data generated from those devices.

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The top news stories for June 30, 2015.