Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

News Scan: States scramble to block Radio Shack selling customer data; One-in-five websites revealed to have vulnerabilities; More

The top news stories for March 26, 2015.

News Scan: Open source, big data drive need for developers; Quality, staffing needs are behind increased IT outsourcing; More

The top news stories for March 20, 2015.

5 tips on how to craft APIs that developers will love

Creating a new web service for internal or public use? Here are some tips on how to create APIs that developers will love--and use.

Benefits that truly delight developers

The role of software developer was recently named "The best job in America." Doug Neumann discusses the benefits that truly score the most points in attracting and retaining these high-demand professionals.

Big data app development brought to you by Hortonworks, Cascading

Hortonworks has added Concurrent's Cascading SDK to its Hadoop distribution. Such helps developers operationalize their data. In addition, Hortonworks will certify, support and deliver Cascading--the most widely used App development framework for data applications on Hadoop.

Report: Facebook ramps up mobile ad network

Facebook is planning to launch a mobile ad network this month, Re/code reports.

Developers upping game by putting big data in consumer hands

It may come as a surprise to some consumers that they're holding big data and analytics in their hand and using it for their own benefit. Most often it is served in convenient apps on mobile devices although the data can be accessed on websites too. Demand for more data is running rampant and developers are upping their game to meet it.

39% of big data developers say 'government agencies are spying on our data'

It's perfectly reasonable to think the government may be spying on data that app developers possess. Have you looked at commercial mobile app permission requirements lately? Almost all of them ask for permission to record sound, make calls, pictures and videos, read your social media posts and other suspicious activities all without any indication to the device owner that such is happening. So, there's reason to suspect government spying on app data, but is that really happening? 

Spotlight: The real villains in mobile app turf wars

While CIOs are peering around every corner looking for nefarious hackers intent on infecting mobile devices, legitimate developers are busy creating apps that collect user data and information.

10Gbps USB 3.1 specification finalized

The new USB 3.1 specification has been approved, and is now available for download by developers from the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF).