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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Data overload is CIOs greatest struggle; Millennials mentor senior IT execs on new tech; More

The top news stories for August 27, 2014.

6 digital technologies CIOs need to know

CIOs that want to be true strategic partners and lead their organizations to digital transformation need to be abreast of six emerging technologies, according to Gartner.

News Scan: Companies embrace digital transformation, but often blindly; Hidden data's not-so-secret threat; more.

The top news stories for July 30, 2014.

4 critical issues for successful innovation

Innovation is one of the most important issues facing CIOs today, but actually delivering on those opportunities is no easy task.

Mobility is key component to enterprise digital transformation

Mobility is an integral part of digital transformations being undertaken by enterprises this year, finds a survey by Altimeter Group.

News Scan: VC investments at 14-year high thanks to tech; The 9-5 life isn't for Millennials; More

The top news stories for July 23, 2014.

News Scan: IT budgets expected to rise through 2015; CIOs told to lead digital transformation now; more

The top news stories for July 14, 2014.

News Scan: IT pros shouldn't expect a real vacation; BOO! 'Hidden data' is a nightmare; more

The top news stories for July 11, 2014.

Strained CIO-CMO relationships see 'Digital IQs' differently

A strong CIO and CMO relationship is a key factor in successful digital transformation efforts, but only half of organizations with both CIO and CMO roles say they have such a strong relationship, new PwC research reveals.

News Scan: Profiling cybercriminal behavior; What digital transformation really means; more

The top news stories for June 13, 2014.