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Latest Headlines

Going mobile is just the beginning of the digital transformation process

Going mobile is just the beginning of the enterprise process of digital transformation, observed Jim Haviland, chief strategy officer at Vox Mobile.

Federal CIOs want, but fear, digital transformation

Many federal CIOs fear that the pace and scope of digital transformation at their agencies is too much, but also acknowledge the value that those changes can bring to their organizations.

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Metropolitan Museum of Art CDO offers tips on taking your organization into the digital future

Vala Afshar, who is both a chief marketing officer and  Huffington Post  contributor, interviewed the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Chief Digital Officer, Sree Sreenivasan, to find out how companies can achieve digital transformation, step by step. 

FierceCIO's 2014 Fierce15: Digital Transformation

While a majority of organizations have yet to or are just now tackling digital transformation, there are already important success stories to learn from.  FierceCIO  has highlighted some of these efforts with our 2014 Fierce15 winners.

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Digital transformation changing the recruiting, job seeking process

IT managers and professionals alike must undergo dramatic change in the next few years in how they recruit new hires or perform on the job, says research firm Gartner.

Moving to a digital enterprise, one step at a time

Lauren Brousell, at CIO Australia, outlines six ways that IT leaders can help move their organization to a digital enterprise, and transform the company's way of doing business.

Brace yourself! Your CFO wants a more active IT role

CIOs that haven't yet cozied up to their CFO had better do so quickly, as new research reveals that CFOs intend to take over a much greater role in digital investment decisions.

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