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Latest Headlines

Booker upgrades mobile app for service companies

Booker, a cloud-based software company, now offers a mobile app complete with point-of-sale features, calendar management and customer data.

Retailers get advice: Have yourself a very mobile holiday

It's beginning to look a lot like m-Christmas, so mobile messaging and digital marketing firm OtherLevels is offering up some advice on how retailers can take full advantge of mobile commerce this holiday season.

Users want more security for mobile payments, PayPal survey finds

Most consumers agree that making an online payment is easy, but 40 percent don't take advantage of mobile payments, according to PayPal's latest study. One of the biggest hindrances? Security.

News Scan: Profiling cybercriminal behavior; What digital transformation really means; more

The top news stories for June 13, 2014.

Heartbleed puts small businesses at greater risk

The Heartbleed bug, which is present in two-thirds of websites, is adding to the security risks of small businesses, the BBC reports.

News Scan: Apple's iWatch energy experiments; M-commerce drives $1.5T in e-commerce sales; more

Quick rundown on the latest mobile IT news for Monday, 2/3 including: Apple's experimentation with solar and kinetic energy for the up and coming iWatch, the latest on mobile commerce, why 63 percent of firms say responsive web design can't hold out in the long term for mobility strategy, a possible hands-free app thanks to Parkmobile and which smartphone has the most malware infections.

Promotions key to mobile commerce success this holiday

Although the nation's retailers reported a disappointing holiday shopping season overall, activity in the m-commerce space continued to grow each year.

News Scan: Mobile devices spur French e-commerce; Apple's enterprise presence grows; more

Quick takes on the latest mobile IT news for Friday, 1/10 including: poll results for e-commerce in France show an increase in online shopping, Apple's climb in enterprise and government spending, Yahoo's acquisition of startup Aviate and what that means for the enterprise, OpenPeak's cloud-based mobility tool that helps out enterprise BYOD policies and Citrix's acquisition of Framehawk to increase business app availability.

Fueled by mobile device adoption, US online retail sales will reach $370 billion in 2017

Fueled by the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets, United States online retail sales are predicted to reach $370 billion by 2017, according to the latest research by Forrester.

US mobile payments to reach $12.8 billion by 2017, says Forrester

Mobile payments in the United States are predicted to increase at a 48 percent compound annual growth rate, from $12.8 billion spent in 2012 to $90 billion by 2017, according to the latest research from Forrester.