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Latest Headlines

eBay credits $400 million in sales to iPhone users

eBay users shopping and bidding via iPhone have generated more than $400 million in sales for the online marketplace since its iPhone and iPod touch application first launched in mid-2008. Speaking

SIPfoundry integrates with Skype for SIP

Open source telephony community SIPfoundry has announced its sipXecs product is interoperable with Skype for SIP, and the companies are testing the product in a beta program. The Skype for SIP

Skype sale faces legal challenge from co-founders

Skype's co-founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom have sued eBay and the consortium that recently purchased a 65 percent stake in the VoIP calling company for copyright infringement over the use

Avaya buys Nortel ES for $915M

Avaya won the stalking horse auction for Nortel's Enterprise Solutions division with a $915 million bid, according to the companies. Under the terms of the deal, Nortel will receive $900 million in

Skype inks ad deal with CNN

Skype is aiming to woo more business users, as it announced a major advertising buy with CNN International targeting this market. The deal, which covers CNN viewers in EMEA, Asia, and Latin America,

eBay sells majority stake in Skype for $1.9 billion

eBay announced it will sell a 65 percent stake in its Skype communications unit to a group of private investors led by Silicon Valley private equity firm Silver Lake Partners. The investors will pay

eBay sells 65% stake in Skype for $2B

UPDATED: eBay has reached a deal to sell a 65 percent stake in its Skype VoIP calling unit at a $2.75 billion valuation to a consortium of private equity firms, venture capital firms and a Canadian

Who will cash in on the mobile money opportunity?

There's been an impressive amount of action recently on the mobile money front, but instead of making the market's opportunities more clear, I think it has only further complicated an already

Report: Mark Andressen, others aim to purchase Skype

Skype, which corporate parent eBay has said it will spin off in an IPO in spring 2010, may be subject to a private offer from Netscape founded Marc Andressen's new venture capital firm and other

Joltid case might not affect Skype as much as predicted

Phil Wolff at the Skype Journal documents several reasons why Joltid is not only unlikely to win its case against eBay and Skype, but also is unlikely to affect the VoIP giant's viability if it