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Latest Headlines

EA Mobile announces executive changes

Gaming giant Electronic Arts announced the appointment of Michael Marchetti to the position of senior VP and GM of its EA Mobile division. Marchetti, who previously served as EA Mobile's VP and

O2 and EA give away free mobile games

As part of its Long Weekends content promotion campaign, British operator O2 is teaming with game developer Electronic Arts (EA) to launch "Mobile Monday." Each Monday during the month of

EA boosts parent company revs

Looks like Electronic Arts' $680 million acquisition of Jamdat Mobile is paying dividends. In its first-quarter earnings report, the company revealed that the EA Mobile subsidiary formed by the

More from EA's Boatman on m-gaming quality

Mobileindustry.biz is running the second part of its interview with EA's executive producer of mobile studios Travis Boatman. Boatman rehashes the importance of quality in m-gaming for

Chutes & Ladders: Hand-On names McCurdy prez

Hands-On Mobile (formerly MForma) has named ex-EA executive Keith McCurdy to the new position of president of studios and products. McCurdy "will be responsible for the company's worldwide games

SPOTLIGHT: EA Mobile responds to off-deck claims

EA Mobile's Mitch Lasky did a follow-up interview with Gamespot.com to clarify a speech Lasky gave a few weeks ago that led everyone to believe the games giant was going off-deck.

EA: 'We are going off-deck'

While there are many shades of gray, whether EA Mobile is going off-deck is not one of them. They are. At least, that's what Mitch Lasky said last Friday at the Harris Nesbitt Games Go Mobile

EA to go direct-to-consumer for m-games

EA Mobile's senior VP Mitch Lasky said that EA will soon sell mobile titles directly to consumers (D2C) and bypass mobile carriers entirely. The new, off-deck strategy will allow the company to

UK's Top mobile games for April

The U.K. trade association ELSPA has published its top rankings for mobile games in the month of April, which includes information provided by carriers 3, O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone. The

EA committed to building mobile catalog

Electronic Arts has faced a lot of criticism for its $680 million acquisition of JAMDAT last year, but Mitch Lasky, SVP of mobile games (and former CEO of JAMDAT), hints that mobile gaming may be