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Latest Headlines

Hospital CIOs struggle with BYOD, Internet of Things

The BYOD and Internet of Things trends are creating security headaches for hospital CIOs, laments Andrew Litt, chief medical officer at Dell's healthcare solutions, in a Computerworld blog post.

Green Clinic turns to Dell to enable doctors to use iPads at work

The chief information officer at Green Clinic Health System, a physician-owned medical organization located in Ruston, La., needed to enable doctors to use iPads and other personally owned mobile devices at work.

New healthcare Android app breaks down medical records in common format for doctors

Palomar Pomerado Health has created a mobile application that enables doctors to look at medical records from a number of medical record providers via Android-based devices and email or video chat

Report: Electronic medical records on mobile devices is the 'killer app'

A new report from the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions declares electronic medical records (EMRs) on mobile devices as the "killer app" that will impact the healthcare industry. "The personal

An interview with Sprint on how WiMAX is moving into the enterprise

Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse recently declared 2010 to be the year of 4G, otherwise known as WiMAX. Clearwire, of which Sprint owns the majority of and is reselling WiMAX service from, has an

Customer relationship management should be part of the healthcare industry

One of the most compelling parts of working in the tech industry as an independent pundit is that you get to speak to a wide variety of vendors and have frank, candid conversations. The tone and

What is mobile healthcare? (Continued...)

(Continued from "What is mobile healthcare?") Stan Lee, the legendary comic book writer, coined a phrase for his Spider Man series "With great power, comes great responsibility." I can't think of a

What is mobile healthcare?

Speaking to vendors, carriers, handset manufacturers and end-users on a daily basis, one of the questions that comes up most frequently is "Tell me Philippe, what's the industry in which you see the