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Latest Headlines

Infographic: Spearphishing campaigns are more frequent, last longer

Spearphishing campaigns are happening more frequently and lasting longer, according to security firm Symantec.

Infographic: What do most workers do during mobile conference calls? It's not work

Mobile conferencing is on the rise, but not everyone is doing work when they listen in on a conference call using their mobile phone.

Is cloud storage the right solution for federal documents?

According a  presidential directive  issued in 2012, all federal agencies must manage permanent and temporary email in an electronically accessible format by 2016. Tod Newcombe, Senior Editor of Governing,  says  the mandate is great in theory but until the government steps out of the Stone Age, the policy is next to meaningless.  

Spotlight: 'NSA-proof' email brought to you by Harvard, MIT

As more products and services come online to thwart NSA snooping, commercial big data users will also suffer from being cut off from data. Whether such is a good thing or a bad thing is subject to your own perspective.

News Scan: Mobile drives email use; Google beefs up Android security;

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for April 11, including the rise of the corporate email due to enterprise mobility, Google's attempt to safeguard independent apps, the ineffectiveness of mobile games when staying relevant, wireless making its way into European buildings and the explosion in indoor location installations.

Infographic: Email is still costing companies millions

How much is email costing your company? This infographic lays it out.

Spotlight: LinkedIn kills controversial Intro email service

LinkedIn drops Intro email service after privacy concerns scare users away.

IBM aims to redefine email

IBM hopes to change email with a new product.

Recycled email concerns die quiet death

Nearly six months after it burst on the scene as a top privacy concern, the issue of recycled email accounts seems to have now all but disappeared.

Infographic: Is email dying?

Is email dying as this infographic asserts? Probably not.