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Latest Headlines

Mobile 'pioneers' are reaping the benefits in terms of employee productivity and satisfaction, survey finds

Companies that are mobile "pioneers" have greater employee productivity, creativity, satisfaction and loyalty than firms that are mobile laggards, according to a poll of 1,865 employees by the Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of HPE's wireless network unit Aruba.

3 strategies to unleash BYOD's potential in the enterprise

Nick Spooner, national leader for digital strategy and solutions at PwC Australia, offers three strategies to improve the impact of BYOD in the enterprise.

Infographic: 7 keys to a successful BYOD policy

With personal devices flodding into the workplace, IT departments are struggling to develop effective BYOD policies that improve employee productivity while keeping networks and data secure. Here are 7 tips for a successful BYOD policy enumerated by StudyWeb.com

Rather than fighting BYOD, IT should lead the way

BYOD is happening, whether IT likes or not. Instead of fighting or ignoring it, IT departments should get out in front and lead the way.

Enterprise mobile app investment on the rise, survey finds

More than half of enterprises expect to increase their mobile app budgets, and 20 percent expect to increase app budgets by more than 10 percent, according to 370 mobile app decision makers surveyed by O'Keeffe & Co. on behalf of IT solutions provider CDW.

BYOD is not about saving the company money; it's about employee productivity

Mandating BYOD even for employees that need powerful computers makes no sense from any perspective. But allowing BYOD benefits the employees and company.

Infographic: IT pros are torn between security worries, productivity gains when it comes to mobility

IT professionals are being pulled in different directions when it comes to mobility. Many are worried about the security and compliance issues that mobility raises, yet many want the productivity benefits that mobility promises.

Enterprises focus mobility money on productivity-enhancing mobile apps

Enterprises are focusing their mobility investments on mobile apps to improve employee productivity, according to a study by the Enterprise Mobility Exchange, an online community for mobility pros.

'Soft' benefits of BYOD getting harder to justify in face of 'hard' costs

The "soft" benefits of BYOD, such as increased employee satisfaction and productivity, can be hard to justify to CEOs in the face of clearer evidence that BYOD programs can cost companies money.

BYOD benefits: Industry experts weigh in

While BYOD conjures up security nightmares for IT departments, it can have significant benefits for enterprises, such as increased employee satisfaction and productivity, as well as reduced training and hardware costs.