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Latest Headlines

Individualized experiences are needed, but few companies are prepared to offer them

More and more people are expecting individualized experiences from companies. Companies recognize how big an influence such offerings could have on revenue, yet very few are prepared to deliver these experiences to their customers and employees, an Oracle study finds.

Employees are a huge security problem, but IT built the monster themselves, SailPoint survey says

The biggest threat to a company's digital security seems to be its employees, according to the 2016 Market Pulse Survey, sponsored by SailPoint Technologies. But before the finger pointing gets underway, it appears IT departments built that monster themselves.

IBM becomes the enforcer in protecting corporate data in the cloud

IBM unveiled on Tuesday a new cloud security product called the Cloud Security Enforcer, which is designed to protect corporate data stored in third-party cloud services.

Corporate ethics? There's an app for that

Ford Motor has developed a mobile app that provides corporate ethics policy guidance to employees on their mobile phones, according to an article by Corporate Counsel.

Mobility is key part of future digital workplace, say panelists

Mobility will be a key aspect of the future digital workplace, agreed panelists at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium held here Wednesday.

Roadblocks to widespread BYOD adoption

While many companies have embraced BYOD as a way to improve employee productivity and mobility, others- particularly outside of North America- have dragged their feet or even actively prohibited BYOD for their employees. A recent BetaNews article identified a number of obstacles to broader adoption of BYOD.

Infographic: Employees 'going rogue' on mobile app use

Many employees do not think the apps their enterprise provides meet their needs. This is leading to a "going rogue" trend among employees who bring in their own apps, whether IT approved or not.

IT director reflects on horrible boss types he has seen

IT director Charles Trivett shares insights from his 20 years of observing what makes for a horrible boss in IT. Some are easy to spot, while others constantly change their stripes.

Employees don't want a 'craptop' loaded with 'bloatware'

I came across in interesting commentary by security blogger Michele Chubirka. She observed that implementing a successful BYOD program is less about technology and more about organizational politics and employee psychology.

BYOD poses challenge for legal e-discovery, employee privacy

BYOD is posing challenges for legal e-discovery and employee privacy, warned V. John Ella, an attorney at the law firm of Jackson Lewis in Minneapolis, Minn., in a StarTribune article.