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Latest Headlines

Utilities use mobile apps to educate consumers about energy consumption

Utilities are increasingly using mobile apps to educate consumers about how to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.

Ways that greener data centers save money

If your company is looking for new ways to save money in 2012, the data center might be a good place to start. There is plenty of evidence to demonstrate that a greener data center can save not only

Zero clients speed hospital care, lower energy bills

Doctors and nurses at Seattle Children's Hospital are making use of zero-client devices (also known as ultra-thin clients) to pull up patients' data at their bedsides, and meanwhile the devices are

How managing energy can be profitable

As strategic innovation becomes a growing part of the CIO's job, a focus on energy management could prove valuable. If managed correctly, energy could become its own profit-generating unit, says

How sleeping computers can stay busy, save energy

Business networks could consume about 60 percent less energy if desktop computers were able to keep working after going into sleep mode, reports Duncan Graham-Rowe at MIT Technology Review.

Best practices for data center efficiencies

Data centers and other IT systems are beginning to pose one of the world's great environmental challenges as their energy consumption continues to expand. As businesses take a wide variety of steps

Cow power and other ideas for reducing IT's energy costs

CIOs are facing twin stresses in the data center these days: Usage is growing and so is the pressure to reduce energy consumption and costs. These imperatives, along with increasing environmental

Calif. to cut data center space by half

Take a look at the state of California if you want a lesson on how to shrink the growing size of data centers. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has issued an executive order calling for a drastic

Green IT heats up

There's growing pressure on private companies to invest in green IT, but the return on investment is hard to quantify, according to a new study from CompTIA. The study finds that green IT is a

Put your PCs on a diet

There's an easy way to save money at the workplace: Turn off the computer. Leaving your office computers on all night can jack up your electricity bill dramatically. So if you don't need a 24/7 on