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Latest Headlines

Mobility and analytics will 'completely transform' enterprises, predicts IBM

Mobility and analytics will combine to "completely transform" the enterprises in the coming years, predicts a new report from IBM Global Business Services.

Is it time for enterprises to ditch their PCs?

Could enterprises switch out all of their PCs for tablets and still be as productive? Yes, says Mike Elgan, a Silicon Valley-based tech writer in a Baseline article.

Wearables are best suited for fast-paced workplaces, says Android developer

Wearables are better suited to a fast-paced workplace than smartphones, argues Jared Banyard, Android developer at Lua.

Will Apple's alliance with IBM save the iPad?

Facing the second consecutive quarter of declining iPad sales, CEO Tim Cook is betting that Apple's alliance with IBM will stanch the bleeding by opening up the enterprise channel to more iPad purchases.

Dismal percentage of companies with strong mobile strategy

 A survey released by  Information Week  shows that only 73 percent of medium to large businesses have a digital and mobile strategy, while 27 percent of those that do have a strategy in place say its weak or ineffectual. Given the impact mobile devices have on the way enterprises connect with consumers, these numbers are pretty dismal.

Legal pitfalls lurk in common enterprise BYOD practices

Legal pitfalls could lurk in common enterprise BYOD practices, such as remote wiping of data and tracking of employee-owned devices.

Why the enterprise should forget about 802.11ac for now

Should your enterprise implement 802.11ac wireless?

Almost all iOS developers are supporting iOS 7, survey finds

An overwhelming 95 percent of iOS developers are actively updating their existing apps to support Apple's new iOS 7 operating system, according to an online survey of 575 app developers conducted by Craig Hockenberry, a principal at the Icon Factory.

Android users must disable security setting to download enterprise apps, says Bluebox

LAS VEGAS--Android users need to disable their security function in order to download apps from an enterprise app store, Jeff Forristal, chief technology officer with Bluebox Security, told a gathering of press here at the BlatHat Conference.

Google's Chromebooks are ready for enterprise prime time, says Forrester

IT professionals should take a "fresh look" at Google's Chromebooks for the enterprise, advises J.P. Gownder, vice president and principal analyst with Forrester Research.