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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Good unveils single interface to access core mobile apps

Good Technology unveiled Tuesday a single interface called Good Launcher for accessing its core mobile apps, whether third-party or custom-built, for the enterprise.

Flexera updates App Portal enterprise app store with self-service for desktop and mobile apps

Particularly in BYOD environments, enterprises are increasingly looking to enterprise app stores to organize, vet and distribute mobile apps approved for use by employees. To help with that task, Flexera Software updated on Tuesday its App Portal, which integrates mobile and desktop apps with its IT Service Management product.

3 factors to consider when moving to mobility

Many companies have already embraced mobility, and many more are moving in that direction. For IT departments considering the move to mobility, here are three factors to consider.

MBaaS helps developers grapple with the complexity of mobile app development

One of first mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS) startups was Boston-based Kinvey, founded and headed by Sravish Sridhar. FierceMobileIT sat down with Sridhar to discuss the MBaaS phenomenon and broader issues impacting the enterprise mobility market.

Enterprises look to app stores to manage app experience

Rather than approving or banning mobile applications as employees attempt to download them to devices, some chief information officers are turning to mobile application stores to streamline application management.

HP's new Access Catalog taps into growing demand for enterprise app stores

Seeking to tap into the growing demand for enterprise app stores, HP launched on Thursday a mobile enterprise app store product called HP Access Catalog.

Majority of highest performing IT teams deploy enterprise app stores, says Accenture

More than half of the highest performing IT teams have deployed enterprise app stores, according to Accenture.

Google brings Google Play to enterprise

Google introduced the notion of a private channel this week to give enterprise IT departments a place to load internal Android apps.

Spotlight: TIBCO unveils BYOD mobile app development platform

Infrastructure software provider TIBCO has released a mobile app development platform called Silver Mobile 1.0 that enables enterprises to develop and manage apps for BYOD devices.

Every company needs an enterprise mobile app store

Guest post by Chris Hazelton As more mobile devices move into the enterprise, the door opens wider for mobile applications that power employees' day-to-day work. Interest in managing smartphones and