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Latest Headlines

AirWatch joins Box, Cisco, Workday and Xamarin on enterprise mobile app standard

Enterprise mobile app development and deployment can be a fragmented and frustrating experience for app developers, IT and end users. To streamline the process, AirWatch by VMware, Box, Cisco, Workday and Xamarin have unveiled a new open standard approach called app configuration for the enterprise.

Vetting enterprise mobile apps is a must, NIST says

The National Institute of Standards and Technology offers a guide to firms planning on deploying mobile applications in order to ensure the apps work effectively and securely.

Apple, IBM to release 12 more enterprise mobile apps by March

Apple and IBM are planning to release 12 more enterprise mobile apps targeted at healthcare, energy, utilities and industrial sectors by March, reports The VAR Guy.

QuickMobile 2.0 promises enterprises more insight on event attendees

Regardless of how ubiquitous mobile devices and the virtual environments they create become, they're a long way off from replacing the feeling of an in-person meeting. But that's not to say that mobile apps can't be made to complement face-to-face events.

News Scan: IoT market to top $3T by 2020; AT&T, Sprint won't unlock your phone; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for Friday, Nov. 7, including IDC's $3 trillion prediction for IoT and where the U.S. falls behind in household Wi-Fi penetration.

Mobile users are very impatient with slow apps, study says

Your business may be missing out on mobility money if your team isn't dedicated to crafting topnotch mobile apps, a study of mobile users finds.

5 tips for developing top-flight enterprise mobile apps

The average smartphone has more computing power than NASA used to put a man on the moon. What does that mean for the enterprise? Those devices are being wasted if employees are just using them to check email and send text messages or play Angry Birds.

Gaining inCITE into consumerization of IT

I'm heading to the CITE Conference next week in San Francisco to take the pulse of the consumerization of enterprise IT. This will be my first time attending the powwow, so I'm curious to see what I'll learn from the trip.

Enterprises are aggressively firing up mobile apps, says Good

Enterprise mobile app activations grew at a healthy 54 percent sequentially in the fourth quarter, with document editing apps, custom apps and file access apps leading the way, according to the latest Mobility Index report from enterprise mobility management firm Good Technology.

Mobility planning with planes, subways, dead zones in mind

Whether organizations are building applications to serve their customers or crafting internal-facing business tools, enterprises would be wise to consider those times mobile devices won't be online rather than developing for an unrealistic, always-on world.