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Latest Headlines

More than half of enterprises are providing mobile apps to non-regular employees, partners

While some analysts and research indicate that mobile apps are struggling to take hold in the enterprise, at least one survey by mobile app management firm Apperian shows significant interest in enterprise mobile app development.

Apple, IBM reach goal of launching 100 mobile apps for the enterprise

It took a year and a half, but Apple and IBM have met the goal they set last year when they first announced their enterprise mobility partnership – 100 mobile apps for the enterprise.

Enterprise mobile apps send sensitive data all over the world without permission

Enterprise mobile apps are sending personal identifiable information and other sensitive information all over the world, often without the enterprise's knowledge, according to Appthority's second quarter Enterprise Mobile Threat Report released at the BlackHat security conference, held in Las Vegas this week.

Making an enterprise mobile app: How to choose third-party services that will power your program

A maturing subset in the enterprise mobile app ecosystem called "mobile app enablers", made up of various SDKs, APIs and platforms, approaches pain points distinct to the space and resolves them in ways more established Web-based services have not been able to.

IBM teams with startup Ionic to make mobile enterprise app development easier for the uninitiated

In a move to speed up the turnaround and reduce the complexity of enterprise mobile app development, IBM has announced a partnership with Ionic, a company that offers drag-and-drop design capabilities for mobile apps.

8 Apple Watch apps, accessories every professional needs

The Apple Watch has made its grand debut today, with many folks in the enterprise slipping the new wearable on. While fashion may keep commuters oohing and ahhing as they stare at peoples' wrists, there are apps and accessories already on their way to pushing this watch from fun gadget into a daily work companion. 

AirWatch joins Box, Cisco, Workday and Xamarin on enterprise mobile app standard

Enterprise mobile app development and deployment can be a fragmented and frustrating experience for app developers, IT and end users. To streamline the process, AirWatch by VMware, Box, Cisco, Workday and Xamarin have unveiled a new open standard approach called app configuration for the enterprise.

Vetting enterprise mobile apps is a must, NIST says

The National Institute of Standards and Technology offers a guide to firms planning on deploying mobile applications in order to ensure the apps work effectively and securely.

Apple, IBM to release 12 more enterprise mobile apps by March

Apple and IBM are planning to release 12 more enterprise mobile apps targeted at healthcare, energy, utilities and industrial sectors by March, reports The VAR Guy.

QuickMobile 2.0 promises enterprises more insight on event attendees

Regardless of how ubiquitous mobile devices and the virtual environments they create become, they're a long way off from replacing the feeling of an in-person meeting. But that's not to say that mobile apps can't be made to complement face-to-face events.