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Latest Headlines

Enterprise mobility requires capital investment to be successful

While many enterprises see BYOD programs as a money saver, to be successful, a mobility program, whether BYOD or corporate-owned, needs substantial capital investment, argued tech writer Kapila Gidwani in a  CloudTweaks  article.

AirWatch 8 unveiled: A look at AirWatch's first major update since VMware acquisition

AirWatch by VMware unveiled Tuesday AirWatch 8--the first major update to its enterprise mobility management platform since VMware acquired it in January of last year.

Spotlight: Global Convergence buys enterprise mobility firm Radiant Networks

Global Convergence has acquired Radiant Networks, a Louisville, Ky.-based enterprise mobility engineering firm, for an undisclosed consideration.

5 tips to improve enterprise mobility programs

As more firms move to implement enterprise mobility programs, IT teams are being challenged to manage and secure mobile devices and apps. Ranzie Anthony, executive creative director of design and technology firm Athlon, offers five tips for firms to get the most from their enterprise mobility program.

Apple-IBM alliance shifts focus to general business mobile apps, says analyst

The Apple-IBM enterprise mobility alliance is expected to shift the focus of its mobile apps from vertical markets to general business applications, such as supply chain management.

Mobile workers comprise nearly one-third of total workforce, survey finds

Mobile workers now comprise nearly one-third of the total workforce in the United States, the United Kingdome, France and Germany, according to a survey of 1,217 organizations in those countries by Strategy Analytics.

Procurement needs to think differently about selecting mobility vendors

The enterprise procurement department needs to think different when it comes to selecting enterprise mobility vendors and signing contracts, advises enterprise mobility firm Tangoe.

Lack of enterprise mobility experience could cost you that dream job

A lack of enterprise mobility experience could be preventing you from furthering your career, says Mary Brittain-White, CEO of Retriever Communications.

BYOD matures in 2015

A novelty a few years ago, BYOD has matured, becoming a mainstay of many enterprises and an ongoing challenge for IT departments.

EMM, IoT ecosystems are consolidating, says Weldon

There has been a gradual consolidation of the machine-to-machine/Internet of Things and enterprise mobility management ecosystems, argues Kathryn Weldon, principal analyst for enterprise mobility at Current Analysis.